A FAMILY is just a single word with many different meanings. Some may look at it as a simple or just plain word, some may define it in a much deeper way. Families differ in terms of economic, social, cultural and many other terms, but there is one common thing in every Family and it is that the people who calls it a family makes it clear that those people plays as important part in his/her life.




In a family, they help all its members and treats them in the best and special way they can. Most of the time they play a part in each other’s success or achievements in life. Here in LUMINA, they see every JUAN as a part of their family.


The number of sales agent in LUMINA is now increasing. Why do you think is that? Because LUMINA creates an environment where the job is not just about to help financially but a job surrounded by people who you can call a family.


People in LUMINA treats everyone the same because that’s how a family should work right? Starting from the entrance of the site, the guards will assist and escort you, while wearing a big and warm smile on their faces. And as you enter the main office, a good LUMINA morning can be seen on every staff members as they greet you cheerfully.




Before an agent starts selling, the marketing head or officers will teach them all the things that an agent needs to know. They will teach the agent every single details on how real estate works. They will assist them in every ways they could because they believe that an agent’s success is their success as well.


New sales agents will never feel “OP” or out of place. The senior or older sale agents entertain or chat with the new ones for them to feel more welcome and be closer. All of the sales agents and brokers have a good relationship. You can see them taking “groufie” and post it in their social media accounts. They also like to make fun of each other. And the staff members also joke around with them. It looks like they have known each other for a long time.




LUMINA also celebrate your special day with you. Every JUAN’s birthday is noted. Normally, they usually give cakes and gifts to the sales agents or brokers that are celebrating their birthday, to make them feel extra special. It is just a small act of LUMINA to make you feel that they remember anything or even small things about you. #EveryJuansHome




In this kind of workplace, it will be easier for you to do your work and love your job even more. As the saying goes, you will never feel like you are working if you love what you are doing. And the people you work with really matter, they will help you to do better and be better. #MarchAwaited




And in LUMINA, every JUAN matters, and every JUAN is part of the big family.


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