A FAMILY is just a single word with many different meanings. Some may look at it as a simple or just plain word, some may define it in a much deeper way. Families differ in terms of economic, social, cultural and many other terms, but there is one common thing in every Family and it is that the people who calls it a family makes it clear that those people plays as important part in his/her life.




In a family, they help all its members and treats them in the best and special way they can. Most of the time they play a part in each other’s success or achievements in life. Here in LUMINA, they see every JUAN as a part of their family.


The number of sales agent in LUMINA is now increasing. Why do you think is that? Because LUMINA creates an environment where the job is not just about to help financially but a job surrounded by people who you can call a family.


People in LUMINA treats everyone the same because that’s how a family should work right? Starting from the entrance of the site, the guards will assist and escort you, while wearing a big and warm smile on their faces. And as you enter the main office, a good LUMINA morning can be seen on every staff members as they greet you cheerfully.




Before an agent starts selling, the marketing head or officers will teach them all the things that an agent needs to know. They will teach the agent every single details on how real estate works. They will assist them in every ways they could because they believe that an agent’s success is their success as well.


New sales agents will never feel “OP” or out of place. The senior or older sale agents entertain or chat with the new ones for them to feel more welcome and be closer. All of the sales agents and brokers have a good relationship. You can see them taking “groufie” and post it in their social media accounts. They also like to make fun of each other. And the staff members also joke around with them. It looks like they have known each other for a long time.




LUMINA also celebrate your special day with you. Every JUAN’s birthday is noted. Normally, they usually give cakes and gifts to the sales agents or brokers that are celebrating their birthday, to make them feel extra special. It is just a small act of LUMINA to make you feel that they remember anything or even small things about you. #EveryJuansHome




In this kind of workplace, it will be easier for you to do your work and love your job even more. As the saying goes, you will never feel like you are working if you love what you are doing. And the people you work with really matter, they will help you to do better and be better. #MarchAwaited




And in LUMINA, every JUAN matters, and every JUAN is part of the big family.


Want more info? Lumina always give homeowners a free site tripping inside their subdivision! Tara na sa Brgy. Lumina! Get in touch with us!

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Bataan, Lumina San Jose, Pangasinan




Buying a home can be a great decision if you have ideas about purchasing a house and lot. But before you acquire a new home, you need to consider some tips and factors that will affect your decision making process.

Have it ever crossed your mind, the word “pre-selling”?






Technology has become a big part of our daily lives. We use it every day to mainly function. It is very helpful in terms of work – it keeps you within your schedule. Technology has also widen our human capacities in many terms. With this, there are many things that we can do which we could not do before.


Now in real estate business, technology usage can be a great advantage when looking for a prospect buyer. Social platforms specifically Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Messenger makes marketing a lot easier nowadays.  People are easier to reach through these platforms.





Lumina Homes aims to give every Juan a home that they can build their dreams and life, but seeing a whole barrangay destroyed by a fire is truly a heartbreaking scene. When you see your home crushed and burned into ashes and you can’t do anything to save it. Losing a home where you formed precious memories is like pulling your heart out.





Real Estate selling requires more than just your willingness to sell kabarangay! Responding to a social media inquiry, text message or impromptu call from prospective client requires much more than sharing your knowledge on payments and notable terms and conditions. Kaya kabarangay master these 10 “Rock star Skills” in Real Estate so you can own the game here in Lumina Homes and be a certified BIDA LUMINA SELLER. #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved this #JANpackedJanuary!

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Of Course if you don’t have a sale at least one, your monthly, weekly, daily commission/ profit is different if you have a big sale you get high profit and vice versa. And this is one of the toughest parts of being a BIDA LUMINA SELLER. You cannot demand on your profit, but do not worry, even if being a Lumina Seller doesn’t guarantee a fixed income, there is a great opportunity to earn as much as 20,000-30,000 pesos a month! Only a huge amount of dedication and commitment is needed to have this #HanapBuhayGoals




ONLY IN PH: An extra-ordinary Christmas Celebration, as they say; It’s more FUN in the Philippines #UnstoppableAngSaya. Where else would you find a three-month-long celebration, two whole weeks of parties and reunions, and gift-giving that extends into the middle of January? So it doesn’t come as a surprise that different provinces in the country go all out when putting up Christmas trees, decor, and lights.

 When the BER month strikes, the country is literally transformed into a spectacle of shining colors and shimmering lights. The streets are wrapped with dazzling Christmas lights and almost every house has a display of parol (star-shaped lantern) and other colorful Christmas decors.

Make way for this city, the first to be acclaimed as Nueva Ecija’s “Christmas Capital” among the 32 local government units in the province.


On Saturday night November 10, 2018, was the ceremonial lighting of a giant Christmas tree and thousands of lights and lanterns which the mayor of San Jose City, Hon. Mario O. Salvador said symbolizes unity, hope and prosperity among his constituents. #SavingsGoalsAchieved ka ditto kabarangay! You don’t need to travel anymore to other famous destinations this Christmas dahil #UnstoppableAngSaya dito sa San Jose!


Salvador said the Christmas lighting activity, dubbed “Liwanag ng Pasko sa Bagong San Jose” which he started after assuming office in 2016, helped the city government earn the sole distinction of being adjudged by the provincial government with the concurrence of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan as the “Christmas Capital of Nueva Ecija” among the local government units in the province. A dub that every Novo Ecijano will be proud of.


A huge rice grain-shaped bulbs also light up the three-kilometer section of the Maharlika Highway near the city hall and the public market, to highlight the city’s lifeblood—rice farming. #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved ang mga Novo Ecijano dahil ang probinsiya ay matatagpuan sa Green Corridor ng bansa. Not that they only value rice as food, but rather a livelihood that caused the province to be well known all around the country.


The event was also marked by the blessing of the Belen by Most Rev. Bishop Roberto C. Mallari, of the Diocese of San Jose. The Belen is a classic symbol of Christmas of which symbolizes the birth of baby Jesus.


City tourism officer Darmo Escuadro said this “Christmas Capital of Nueva Ecija” feat by the city government showed it was no fluke because it also earlier bagged the fourth place award in the Best Tourism-Oriented LGU (city category) during the holding of 2018 Pearl Awards of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines-Department of Tourism that was participated in by 45 entries nationwide in Cagayan De Oro City on Oct. 5 this year.


“May the radiance of those Christmas lights give brightness to us here in San Jose City, so we will see the real meaning of those lights leading us to the progress of San Jose” – Mayor Mario Salvador said during the lighting-up ceremony.


The perfect Christmas gift is always a nice vacation with family and friends, no matter where you go, what you eat or how much you spend for gifts, love and kindness will always be the key to have a merry Christmas.

Want more info? Lumina always give homeowners a free site tripping inside their subdivision! Tara na sa Brgy. Lumina! Get in touch with us!

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Years back, I found a house and lot that suits my budget for rental fees, but I did not thought of it savaging my wallet’s cash. As I get back in time, I remember the first day that I’ve moved in the house. I was flippin’ happy cause of the fact that I know have a place of my own, but set aside the idea that the place I’ll be staying at is only at lease, this ended up as a nightmare for my savings.


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PAANO MO NASABE: HOME BUYER’S EDITION “A compilation from Juan’s respondents”

 JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #SavingsGoalsAchieved?


Source: http://www.google.com


No need to worry if you’re short on budget. Lumina offer different types of financing. It offers Pag-IBIG Financing on which you’ll get a chance to have a lower interest rate truly

“Presyong may PUSO”

It also offers Easy Paylite Bank Financing where you’ll get a faster loan approval, but we chose deferred cash, where if it is in two years term there will be no 0% interest and only 5% interest if it is in 3-year-term. Latest improvement on Lumina’s payments is you can now pay your reservation fee CASHLESS, through GCash. You’ll only scan the QR Code the viola! Reservation Fee: PAID.


JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved?


Source: http://www.google.com



I was glad that the location of every Lumina’s site that I have searched online through www.lumina.com.ph are all located near schools, from elementary, secondary, up to tertiary #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved ang mga anak ko.

Not that they only near ordinary schools, some sites are near well known universities like Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) and Central Luzon State University (CLSU). I’ve heard that this year’s Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) Board Exam’s top 7 was a graduate from NEUST, and this year Agriculturist’s Licensure Exam’s Top Notcher is from CLSU.

Both private and public schools are accessible and near at any Lumina site. Tipid na sa pamasahe, no worries pa sa quality ng edukasyon para for the kiddos. #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved na #SavingsGoalsAchieved pa!

JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved?


Source: http://www.philmech.gov.ph



I was worried to stop renting at our old residence before. Why? Because I work near the area. But I was glad to discover that there exists a Lumina near my workplace! #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved and at the same time #SavingsGoalsAchieved due to the fact that it stopped us from renting.

No worries about transportation too because the subdivision is accessible through the main highway. It also gave me an opportunity to spend more time with the kids ‘cause of less time travel. Achieved na achieved lahat ng dahil sa Lumina. #UnstoppableSaya

JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #EverydayNeedsAchieved?



Other than #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved and #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved, living inside Lumina gave me an overall #EverydayNeedsAchieved! It’s near the public market that made it easy for me to travel while carrying a basket full of both wet and dry goods.

No need to buy frozen goods, because I can buy them fresh at the wet market every day. The Home Owner’s Association(HOA) allowed us to rent a space in the commercial area where we established a water refilling station that gave us an opportunity to supply every Juan’s #EverydayNeedsAchieved! It also gave us an extra income #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved!


JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #BahayGoalsAchieved?



Upon site tripping up to house turnover, Lumina assisted us. You can truly feel that they are committed into giving every Juan their dream home. A family vibe was our first impression when we first met our agent and when we visited the site where the staffs welcomed us with their warm smiles and greetings.

We selected the schedule of our site tripping, a good thing because our schedules are both hectic and jammed. We visited the site on a Saturday morning. Site Tripping is what they call the activity where home buyers will be toured around the site, will be able to see model houses, both dressed up and actual turn-over.

The site was such a beau. They helped us select our future home’s location, of which is where the morning sun shines. They also recommended a two-storey home, they specifically called it Armina. This house is a two-storey single firewall type. They also offer rowhouse, duplex, loftable type, and townhouse that can suite every Juan.

The fact that the houses are made through using a reinforced concrete system is JuanDerful! Reinforced concrete system also known as cast-in-place, is a system where houses are built with pure cement, a house that is affordable yet quality constructed.  From an ordinary house to an extraordinary HOME.

Want more info? Lumina always give homeowners a free site tripping inside their subdivision! Tara na sa Brgy. Lumina! Get in touch with us!

Lumina Pampanga, Lumina Tarlac, Lumina Cabanatuan,

Bataan, Lumina San Jose, Pangasinan

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Lumina have an awarding for their valued sales executives, sales managers, and brokers. This awarding is a form of appreciation expressed through recognition of their productive effort and thus, given value by the marketing officers of every area all over the northern part of Luzon. #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved sa Lumina!

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I know a place in the heart of central Luzon where you can feel like on a vacation while studying, a place known to every Juan as Central Luzon State University (CLSU)


CLSU is located at Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, where it is declared as a Science City due to exceptional research and development institutes. Not only that CLSU is placed in an exceptional city, it is also an exceptional school especially in Agricultural & Bio Systems Engineering, Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine (source: UguidE) #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved

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College life is the basic foundation of every Juan’s dream, the stage where we are all leave the shadow of our student life, where we start to fly and follow our dreams and passion. Though not every Juan can afford college expenses, universities that provides students quality education but low tuition and miscellaneous expenses still exist, universities that can make every Juan’s dream to live life of success, through achieving excellent education. Kaya dapat pag pumili ka hindi lang #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved dapat #SavingGoalsAchieved din!




Fun Things to do near HOME . . .

Stroll around the City


Spain? No. This picture was taken at the beautiful city of Balanga, Bataan. You’ll fell in love with the romantically designed buildings of Balanga. A stroll around this gorgeous place will surely delight your eyes. The city is full of historical sites that every JUAN should visit. Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga is an architectural icon in the city and is full of lights at night.

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Juan Tips: Expense Tracker

Making a Do-It-Your-Own (DIY) Project is a good way to refresh your creative juices. Before entering college or maybe senior high where you’ll live inside a dorm or in a boarding house proper budget tracking is a must. This way, you’ll be able to monitor your expenses and be budget-wise student.


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Ka-barangay, are you already planning for your retirement? Do you already have a preferred and perfect place in mind to spend the rest of your life? Read on the rest to find out what is best for you!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A house is not perfect unless you feel at home. And home is where we feel safe, happy and with our family Ka-barangay! We want our children to feel that they are indeed at home at perfect ang Lumina Homes para sa #BahayGoalsAchieved! Five family member ang average size ng Pilipino Family and achieved na achieved ng bahay ni Juan with 22sqm – 54sqm floor area. Giving Pilipino family space, safety and savings dahil sa #SavingGoalsAchieved na prices.

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Living alone or not, home will always be home. There are reasons why bachelors and independent women choose to live on their own. Today, living alone can be considered as complete freedom over one’s decision with their life. [Solo-dwellers, I’m here to tell you that you’ve made a practical, adult choice that you won’t regret.]

It is challenging, but they get to experience to control their own budget and customize their house without anyone disagreeing on their desired design or interior.  You don’t have to worry if someone has the TV or music too loud. You can sit in your home and enjoy the peace and quiet, since the rest of your life is chaotic. You can have total control and you get to find yourself.


But wait, what do you think will be the most ideal home for someone who lives alone?

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After choosing a model house let’s now compare RFO (Ready-for-occupancy) Units vs. NRFO (Not-ready-for-occupancy) Units. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Ever wonder the probabilities of what your future home could be? Let’s explore the options and wonder no more kabarangay!

Buying a home is not easy especially when the units are NRFO. Be patient, you can’t buy a property in an instant and try to fit the key in a wrong house to have your #BahayGoalsAchieved!


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Some people used to say, that life is a fairytale. Others don’t believe in such. They say, life is all about pain and hardships, of which may be true. But challenges will always be part of our lives, whether it is just a coincidence, drawn by fate or maybe written in the stars, projected by the constellations.

So why not say yes? Say YES to your life story that’s about to begin by choosing your dream house where you can live and make a happily ever after.




One of the main considerations before purchasing a house to turn it into your dream home is the price and payment terms. A lot of my kabarangay is saving money to for a house, a lot of them are also sacrificing their #PangarapGoalsAchieved to save more, but do we really need to sacrifice our other dream just to buy a house? Or is there a more flexible payment term that can adjust to your own budget? Just by picturing your own dream home, you may already feel the burden of buying it, but what if there’s a way to pay for it in longer terms while enjoying the present and saving for your future? Sounds inviting right? Read the rest of my blog for more excitement!





Remember when I told you that you can visit me anytime? To make it more exciting, let me give you a quick tour inside Lumina. Tara na kabarangay!ENTRANCE

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Juan Goals in “A Trek to Track”

Mount Rushmore

Would you rush it? When you NEED the home now? Or WANT to make plans for it so you won’t have to. Let’s take a glimpse of Juan’s trek to Mount Rushmore!

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JUAN’s Tipid DIY

Now that I’ve roamed around northern Luzon, everybody who gave comments in my blog asked me “How is #TravelGoalsAchieved! even possible with a limited budget?” Can’t afford the #TravelGoalsAchieved? or #BarkadaGoalsAchieved maybe? Here are some of my JUANTastic DIY Tips for you. Be #Unstoppable kabarangay!

Hindi ba`t mahihilig tayo sa mga bagay na dinedescribe ang ating personalities, hobbies at mga hilig? Kaya nga nauso ang mga personalized t-shirts, mugs, bags at marami pang iba. Try these DIYs and put your creativity to a test.


Tipid DIY No. 1

When someone asks me on where I buy my envelopes, I always told them that I made it. How?


“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is the main goal for these DIYs. Here are some of the sample outputs for my DIY envelope. Where do I use these? TIPID TIP: You can use these envelopes to separate your budgets.


Sample: You can put labels (travel budget, grocery budget, rentals etc.) on each envelop and put a specific amount or an estimated amount for the expenses of the month. This way, you’ll be able to measure and limit your expenses, excess budget on your monthly salary or allowance should be kept in an envelope labeled “savings” or you can deposit the excess cash on your bank account for a more secure system.


Old magazines, old maps, or used newspapers and gift wrappers can be used in making DIY envelopes. This is a fun way to revive your old paperworks from high school or college maybe. Thesis drafts or rejected project proposals can be put into good used instead of shredding them into pieces. This way, we’ll be able to minimize the waste that we produce.


Tipid DIY No. 2

I like to personalize things and reuse everyday materials in our house. Remember the empty jars of sandwich spreads like halaya or yema spread? Here are some of the best way to reuse empty jars.


These are inspired by a rustic theme. A simple way to organize toiletries and other house supplies.

IMG_2540 - Copy

Here are the steps on how to transform a simple jar into a unique home piece.



After letting the paint dry, you can scratch it using a sand paper or you can simply leave it plain painted.


You can also use these as a substitute for a tissue holder if you still have the lid of the jar.


Or you can simply put label on a clear jar and put random stuff in it. Simplicity is quite a beauty.


Tipid DIY No. 3

Tired of Piggy Banks and simple coin banks? Here’s a cute way to save your excess cash or coins in your pocket maybe.


You can use old cardboards, and recycle old frames. Instead of glass you can use acetate or plastic cover for the front of the coin bank. After finishing the box, you can personalized it and add your own style. #IponGoalsAchieved!

IMG_2552 - Copy

Photo Credits: Pinterest


People behind #BahayGoalsAchieved


Remember my last adventure? After spending a night at Lumina Tarlac’s transient homes, I was invited by one of the sales executives whom recommended the transient homes. She invited me as her date at Lumina’s Annual “Gawad Lumina” where they gather people from around the Philippines that are passionate on giving every JUAN a home.

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Mi Desaventura Definitiva #GoalsAchieved!

Before summing up my misadventures, let me give you guys a review on how my misadventure on Tarlac went. Here we go again kabaranggay!


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VI Misadventure: The Unstoppable Juan meets Pangasinan


Time to go near the beach! One of the highlights on my misadventure here in Pangasinan is “The Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary”, such a peaceful place where I was able to unwind and refresh my mind.

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Le quinta de Juan Misadventure: #BondingGoalsAchieved! at Balanga City

At the heart of Bataan lies the kahanga-hangang lungsod ng Balanga, known by locals as the “Tricycle City” because of the abundance of the said vehicle, kahit saan ka nga yata lumingon hindi pwedeng wala kang makikitang tricycle na bumabyahe sa lungsod. Handa na ba kayo sa susunod na misadventure?

DSC_0012Continue reading “Le quinta de Juan Misadventure: #BondingGoalsAchieved! at Balanga City”


Warm Smiles and Taking Risks, Juan’s 3rd Misadventures

And for my 3rd misadventure…. Let’s have a short side trip in Nueva Ecija again. I’ve heard of this place where there’s a small community of Aeta people and a stunning falls waiting to be discovered by people from around Northern Luzon, would you dare trip and trek with me on this one?


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Misadventures Part II: A JUANderful Getaway at Pilar, Bataan


2nd adventure achieved! I was able to explore Pilar, Bataan. Called the “Last Bastion of Democracy in the Philippines”  I’ve heard of beautiful places to explore nearby. Tara na kabaranggay!

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Misadventure of Juan at San Jose City, Nueva Ecija


1st adventure achieved! I was able to explore San Jose City. I have to say that this adventure have just started. I’ve heard of beautiful places to explore nearby. Tara na kabaranggay!Continue reading “Misadventure of Juan at San Jose City, Nueva Ecija”

Stay Alert and Know How To Recognize and Avoid Phishing

Phishing is the act of sending fraudulent emails or messages to a user in an attempt to acquire sensitive information or access their accounts. It’s a common method for identity theft and other cybercrimes, and it can be challenging to recognize if you’re unaware of what phishing scams look like. This article will help you avoid and teach you how to recognize phishing attempts so that you don’t fall victim to them!

Spear Phishing

It is a targeted attack that uses information from email, social media, and other sources to mislead the victim to click on a malicious link or open an infected file. Because it’s closely tailored to the target, spear phishing attacks are more likely than other types of phishing attacks to succeed in gaining access to your computer or network.

The goal of spear phishing is to trick you into clicking on a malicious link or opening an infected file. It’s closely tailored to the target, making it more likely than other types of phishing attacks to gain access to your network or computer.


It is a form of phishing that targets high-profile individuals. It is also a type of spear phishing, but it’s more targeted at individuals rather than organizations. Whaling often uses the same techniques as spear phishing, including email attachments containing malware or links to malicious websites. The term was coined by Microsoft in 2010 when they discovered that there were more than 100 whaling attacks on their employees every month.

Whaling often involves a series of emails that are sent over a period of time. The first email is usually benign, but subsequent messages contain malware or links to malicious websites. The attacks target individuals who have access to sensitive information, such as executives and high-ranking managers.


Smishing is a type of phishing where the scammer uses text messaging to try and trick you into giving out personal information. Smishing scams can look like they’re from your bank, credit card company, or even an official government agency but are actually fake messages designed to trick you into clicking on an embedded link that could download malware onto your phone or computer.

Smishing attempts have become more common since 2013 as people have started using their phones for all kinds of tasks like banking and shopping online.


Vishing is the act of phishing by phone. Vishing often uses pretexting, which means pretending to be someone else who has the authority to request or obtain information.

For example, vishing can be done by calling a person and pretending to be an employee at their bank or credit card company. The fraudster will ask for your personal information, such as your account number and PIN code, so that they can verify some details with you.

Vishing is also used in social engineering attacks where attackers impersonate tech support professionals or law enforcement officials over the phone to gain access to private data such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Email phishing

It is a scam that involves sending emails that appear to be from a legitimate source. The email has a link in the content to what looks like the real site, but it actually takes you to a fake one instead. Entering your username and password on this fake site allows the scammer access to your account.

As an example, suppose you receive an email from your bank saying they’ve detected some suspicious activity with your account and asking you to click on the “Click here” button below if this is, in fact, true. If you click on it, believing it’s legitimate, then all of your login information will be sent directly to the scammer without any questions or verification checks being made by anyone at the bank beforehand!

Search Engine phishing

Search engine phishing is when a phishing site is listed in search results. This type of phishing creates a web page that looks like a legitimate search engine and then adds the phishing link to the searches performed on that fake search engine.

When you’re searching online, it’s essential to be very careful of what sites you click on. If you see something called “Google” or “Search Engine,” don’t click on it! Instead, please type in the name of your actual search engine (like Google) into your browser’s address bar instead of clicking on it from an email or pop-up window.

How to Avoid Phishing Sites

Phishing can be difficult to identify, but the following tips will help you spot a phishing site:

Don’t click on links in emails.

Also, do not open attachments via email. When you receive an email that asks for personal information, don’t click on links—even if they seem legitimate and look like they’re from a legitimate site. Instead of clicking on any link, open up your browser’s search bar and type in the company name yourself. 

It would be best if you would directly proceed to their website.

Instead of clicking through an email that asks for information (like bank account numbers or passwords). If you don’t recognize the sender of the email and want more information about why they want it before entering it into their system, call them directly using one of their listed phone numbers rather than responding via email or social media channels where there’s no way to verify authenticity.

Install antivirus software.

If you don’t have it, install it now! Make sure that you keep it up to date and check for updates regularly. You should also check your firewall settings, as well as make sure that all your devices are protected by antivirus software (including phones, tablets, and laptops).

Use a password manager.

This is an essential tool for staying secure online—it allows you to generate unique passwords for each account. Hence, they’re easier to remember but impossible for someone who would try guessing them to figure out (like me). It’s a good idea if there’s any chance those accounts contain sensitive information such as financial data or health records because they’ll be locked out after three incorrect attempts at logging in. So even if hackers get hold of one password, they won’t be able to access everything.

Use a VPN service when you connect via public wifi hotspots or unsecured networks.

Like those found at coffee shops or airports/train stations etc., especially overseas where there could be less stringent security measures in place than back home! A VPN acts like an encrypted tunnel between two sites which means all data passing through is encrypted before transmission so nobody else can see what’s going on inside – even though technically speaking, anyone could still sniff packets just fine without being able to read them… In any case, though, this does add extra protection against unwanted snooping from others using those same connections too!

Use Two-Factor Authentication.

You may protect yourself from phishing scams and attacks by using two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication (TFA) is a security measure that requires two methods of identification to verify your identity. The second factor (like a password or PIN) can be something you know, something you have, like an app on your phone, or something you are, like your fingerprint. When you sign into an account with TFA enabled, the first factor is your login credentials (like username and password). Then the second factor must be entered—it could be a one-time passcode sent to your phone. Or sometimes generated by an authenticator app on your phone.

Two-factor authentication isn’t foolproof—there are ways around it—but it does make it harder for hackers to access accounts if they manage to steal your password somehow.

Never give out your Personal Information.

A simple rule to keep in mind every time is “NEVER give out your Personal Information.” Phishing is designed to entice the victim into handing over their information so that they can be exploited in some way.

In order for this scheme to work, scammers need you to give them something they can use against you later on. 

Unfortunately, this means that giving out your personal details is always a bad idea—even if that person seems trustworthy or even looks official (more on those other types later).

There are three main reasons why:

  • They could be using this information against you later on.
  • You don’t know who has access to their records.
  • There is no way to verify that a request for information is legitimate.

Think Before You Click

  • Don’t click on links in emails.
  • Don’t open attachments, don’t download files, and don’t give out personal information to unsolicited requests.
  • Trust your instincts: If an email sounds fishy or looks suspicious, delete it—even if you know the sender personally!

Keep Informed About Phishing Techniques

The best way to beat phishing is to stay informed about the latest techniques and strategies. As soon as you learn about a new way that people are being targeted, be sure to tell your family, friends, and co-workers.

Be aware of what type of content is being sent out by the media outlets you follow. If they report on any scammers or cybercriminals who use phishing tactics, then they’re likely going to write more articles in the future that relate directly back to those criminals’ methods—and how they can be avoided by consumers like yourself! (And remember, not just newspapers but also blogs like ours.)

This is the reason why Juan Goals created this guide: so everyone has access to both old information about how phishing works as well as up-to-date knowledge about what criminals are doing right now in order for us all collectively to fight back against these threats together.

Recognizing and avoiding phishing could save you a huge headache in the future.

Phishing steals your personal information, such as bank account details, credit card numbers, and social security numbers. It’s also a way to steal money online from you by tricking you into giving it away or putting it in the wrong place.

By recognizing phishing attempts and avoiding them, you can avoid dealing with the headache of identity theft or missing out on thousands of dollars in potential earnings.

When it comes to investing in a real estate property, check a legitimate website and a well-known house and lot developer in the Philippines, Lumina Homes! You can directly chat or inquire to a Lumina expert to assist you with your home buying journey.

We hope that Juan Goals’ article has helped to shed a little light on what phishing is and how you can avoid it. If you follow these safety reminders above, it will be much easier for you to recognize a phishing email, website, or phone call when they come along.

The Ultimate Guide to Home Appliances Care

Home appliances are essential in making our lives easier and more comfortable. However, they are not immune to wear and tear. Practicing preventive care may help keep your home appliances running smoothly for years to come. Here are some tips on how to clean, maintain and troubleshoot common home appliances:

Maintain your appliance with regular cleaning to enjoy its functionality and extend its life.

  • Clean your appliances regularly with a damp cloth.
  • Please don’t use harsh chemicals to clean your appliances because they can damage them. Simple water is all you need to keep your appliance in good working order.
  • Don’t store food in your fridge for too long, or else it will go bad and leave an awful smell behind that’s hard to eliminate!
  • Don’t leave water in your washing machine for too long, or it’ll overflow onto the floor!

Read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Before using a home appliance, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have queries about the safe way of using or operating an appliance, contact the manufacturer directly.

Safety is paramount when using home appliances. To be safe from injury or damage to the item, read all safety instructions to ensure proper product use. This includes checking if there are any maintenance-related issues that need attention before you begin using it again after an extended break, such as replacing filters on air conditioners or vacuums with clogged hoses or filters.

Use appliances as they were intended. 

Appliances that are not used correctly can wear out sooner, break down and cause fires or electric shocks. For example, an oven should never be used to dry clothes or shoes; this can damage the heating elements in your oven and may cause a fire hazard. Similarly, do not use an appliance as a step stool to reach anything higher than normal operating height limits (for example: do not sit on top of the washing machine door).

Do not overload any electrical product with too many devices plugged into it at once. Overloading an outlet with too many devices will cause power surges which could damage your electrical products or even start fires in extreme cases! A surge protector is recommended if you have multiple items plugged into one outlet. Best practice says, “the more outlets you have available within reason (i.e., no more than two per room), the better chances are that there won’t need to worry about whether what’s plugged into those outlets will work properly.”

Know when to plug and unplug appliances.

Use appliances during off-peak hours. You can save energy by using appliances when electricity demand is at its lowest.

Turn off all appliances when not using them, so they don’t continue draining electricity while sitting idle — especially important if using them during peak hours like summertime when rates are highest! 

Avoid using appliances when you are away from home. Or, while you are asleep or out of the house all day long, as they will be turned on even if you’re not there to use them, they’ll continue running with no one around to monitor their usage patterns and shut them down when necessary.

Wash your washing machine 1 or 2 times a month. Please remove all residue from the detergent tray or dispenser and soak it in hot water.

Wash the detergent tray or dispenser 1 or 2 times a month. Take out the detergent tray or dispenser and soak it in hot water to remove all residue. Wash the tray or dispenser in hot water, rinse, and dry it before replacing it on your washing machine.

Remove clogged lint from your dryer by pulling out the filter at least once per load and running hot water through it.

You may not know or see it yet, but your dryer is a breeding ground for bacteria. The lint trap in your machine can quickly become clogged with lint from loads of laundry, leading to bacteria growth and an unpleasant odor from your dryer. To avoid this problem, check the filter at least once per load and run hot water through it to remove any clumps of lint. You can also clean the outside of your dryer by using a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water (be careful not to get too close to any heating elements). After cleaning out the filter, rinse it off thoroughly with clear water and let it air-dry before replacing it back into the machine.

Clean your fridge regularly by removing items and wiping away dust, dirt, and fingerprints with a damp sponge or cloth.

Remove items from the fridge on a regular basis, and wipe down the inside with a damp sponge or cloth. Use only a sponge or cloth to clean your refrigerator; never use harsh chemicals, as they can damage the unit’s finish and seals, while abrasive materials will scratch or scuff it up.

Get a technician to evaluate your fridge every year by checking for leaks and replacing any seals that are worn out.

Many fridges have a drain tube that’s attached to the bottom of the appliance. This tube prevents water from building up and causing damage to the fridge’s components. The drain tube is usually hidden under a piece of plastic or metal, so you’ll need an expert to lift it for you so that you can check for leaks.

If you find water leaking out from inside your fridge, contact a technician immediately! Although this problem may seem minor, it could lead to more severe issues later on down the line if left untreated.

It’s also worth taking note of getting your seals checked every year by a professional. The seals keep air-conditioned air inside of your fridge while keeping cold air out and warm air in during normal operation – but they can wear out over time and cause other problems with cooling efficiency as well.

Never try to fix an electrical appliance yourself! Always seek the help of a qualified professional for any repair work.

Do you need repair of an electrical appliance? Seek a pro! You might risk injury from electricity, and you may also need to replace parts that are not available anymore. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the entire appliance might need replacing—which will cost you much more than calling a professional in the first place!

Always call a qualified professional for any repair work.

You may DIY, but some tasks require professional help.

Of course, there are many repairs and maintenance tasks you can do yourself. However, if you’re not sure whether or not a specific job requires professional help, use our handy guide to help you decide:

If there are no replacement parts available for your appliance, then it’s best left to the professionals. A qualified technician will have access to all the tools and knowledge needed for a proper repair job. With no replacement parts available, there is also a higher risk of making things worse than they were before by attempting an unqualified repair job yourself (or having an untrained person attempt one).

Some homeowners may confidently flex their DIY skills to deal with minor appliance issues. It is important to remember that faulty appliances can pose serious safety risks when left unattended or unrepaired; this includes fire hazards like frayed power cords or overheating motors/wiring/components. You could also cause further damage by not following manufacturer instructions or using improper methods when trying to fix something yourself—in fact, doing so could void your warranty coverage altogether!

Lumina Homes an affordable house and lot community that boasts its proximity to your daily essentials, mode of transportation, and other important establishments. Taking care of a home appliance or buying a new one will always be easier for Lumina homeowners. More house and lot project locations in Lumina are near AllHome or Vista Mall and other commercial areas.

Juan Goals just shared how to take care of your appliances, and you might have other home appliances care hacks! We’d love to hear from you! Please comment to share it.

Top Music Streaming Services in the Philippines that You Should Try Before the End of 2022

The music streaming industry is booming. There are different types of music streaming apps available in the market, and each has its own set of features. The choice of apps depends on your taste, budget, and other factors like convenience, mood, and connectivity. Juan Goals will take a look at some popular music streaming services that you can use in your daily life.


Spotify is the largest online music streaming service. It has more than 100 million active users and is available in 61 countries.

When you say “music streaming services,” it is synonymous with Spotify. Why? Because it has the best features: you can listen to any song from any artist or decade in its massive library. You may also listen to podcasts and radio stations and even watch videos together with friends on your phone.

Spotify also has an amazing social media component where you can share what you’re listening to with other people around the world!

Youtube Music

Youtube Music is a streaming service owned by Google. It’s a great option for people that love music videos, as there are over 50 million videos from artists like Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and BTS. But it’s also a good choice if you’re looking for music to play at home or in the car because the selection is large enough to satisfy most people’s needs.

If you’re already familiar with Youtube as a website—which means you’ve probably been using it since before YouTube Red—the transition may be awkward at first. That said, if your phone has cellular data or Wi-Fi access (or both), switching between songs will be easier than ever before: just tap on one track while playing another, and you’ll get an option asking what genre of music you’d like next!

Apple Music

Apple Music is the company’s attempt to take on streaming services like Spotify, Google Play Music, and Tidal. Apple Music has over 50 million subscribers worldwide and is available on iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

It has a huge library of songs from different genres, including Jazz, Classical, and Country music. You can create your playlists or listen to playlists curated by experts or friends who follow you in Apple Music’s social features called “Connect.”


Deezer is Juan Goals’ personal bet as the best music streaming service in the Philippines, with a wide selection of songs and artists to choose from. If you’re looking for international music, Deezer has you covered with its large catalog of international music tracks available on its app. Moreover, if you’re a fan of listening to your favorite songs in different languages or dialects—as well as hearing regional radio stations—Deezer provides that opportunity with its many channels from around the world, such as France, Japan, and Thailand.

The other feature that makes Deezer stand out among other streaming apps is its podcasts section which features thousands of audio recordings from popular podcasts like Freakonomics Radio or Pop Culture Happy Hour. For Juan Goals, it makes listening to something easier for anyone who wants to stay tuned to their favorite podcast while commuting or at home but doesn’t want to spend too much time downloading episodes manually through the iTunes store (which can take forever).


SoundCloud is a free music streaming service. It’s available in the Philippines, and it’s popular among artists and DJs who want to share their music with others.

SoundCloud has an excellent mobile app that lets you listen to songs or playlists on the go. The platform is also great for discovering new music because there are so many different ways to search for songs: by genre, artist name, or tag (similar to “genre”).

If you’re an aspiring musician or DJ who wants to make it big in the industry one day but doesn’t know where to start just yet—SoundCloud might be perfect for you!


Audible subscription service provides access to audiobooks. It’s owned by Amazon.com and has over 180,000 titles in its library. Audible is available on the web and mobile devices, including Android phones and iPhones.

One of Audible’s best features is the ability to sync your progress across multiple devices, so you may start listening on one device and finish on another without losing your place in the story or having to buy or rent the same book twice!


Audiomack is a music streaming service that boasts a wide selection of music and is available in the Philippines. It has paid and free versions, with the latter allowing users to choose from curated playlists (such as Chill at Work) or listen to songs by genre or artist.

As part of the Spotify family, Audiomack also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices; however, you can’t use it without an internet connection because it doesn’t allow offline listening. The desktop version allows users to stream music from their computer using any browser or download songs to their computer for offline listening.

Radio Philippines

Photo from Esquire Philippines

Radio Philippines is a great place to listen to music, news, podcasts, and sports.

You can listen to Radio Philippines in the web browser or by downloading their Android app from the Google Play Store. The site also offers an iOS app for iPhone users.

Radio Philippines has a large selection of genres, including pop, rock & roll, jazz, and many more!

Are you in search of an app that allows you multiple playlists? Then this may not be the right one for you but if not, then give Radio Philippines a try today!

All these are great streaming services for different user segments.

All these are great streaming services for different user segments. Spotify is best for music lovers, YouTube Music is best for video lovers, Apple Music is best for Apple users, and Deezer is best for audiophiles. SoundCloud and Audible are also good options but may not be as appealing to a wider audience.

The music streaming services are a great way to listen to your favorite songs on the go. With these apps, you can stream music from anywhere you have an internet connection. However, there are some limitations to each service that may affect how much you like it. For example, Spotify only allows users with premium accounts to create playlists or share their favorite songs with friends via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Apple Music has limited support for third-party devices such as Android phones or tablets because its primary focus is iOS users instead of everyone else who uses other types of computers such as Macs instead.

Enjoy listening to music or podcasts if you are sitting at your Lumina home with a reliable and accessible internet connection powered by Streamtech. Choosing to reside in the affordable house and lot community in Lumina Homes lets you have peace of mind in listening to any of these music streaming services. Why? Because the community is secured with 24/7 security, a guarded entrance, and a perimeter fence.

Here’s Why Taking A Vacation Will Make You A Better Employee

Taking a vacation is something that most of us do at least once a year, if not more. But for some people, the idea of taking time off work without getting paid can feel like an unnecessary expense. The truth is that taking a vacation can have many benefits for your health, family relationships, and work performance. Here are the best reasons why taking vacations makes you better at work:

Relaxing and reconnecting with your family can decrease stress levels and improve heart health.

Do you know that heart disease can be caused by stress? In other words, when you’re stressed out, your heart is more likely to get sick. A vacation can help decrease your stress levels and improve your heart health.

After a long day at work or feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life in general, reconnecting with the family will help you relax and put things into perspective. This can ultimately reduce the chances of an episode like this happening again.

Visiting new places and taking in new sights will boost your brainpower and make you more creative.

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, “variety is the spice of life.” This is especially true when it comes to your brain. Your brain needs to be exercised in order to stay healthy and strong. When you’re out exploring new places and taking in new sights, your mind will have more opportunities to flex its muscles than it would if you stayed at home for the duration of your vacation.

New sights can help you think more creatively because they often involve things that are unfamiliar or unexpected (like an exotic animal or an unusual landscape). These spontaneous experiences can open up your thinking to new possibilities that were previously unthinkable. Additionally, experiencing new environments may inspire abstract thought—a process that requires creative thinking as well as critical thinking skills (analysis). Finally—and perhaps most importantly—experiencing new things gives us a wider perspective on life; this broader perspective can lead us toward greater understanding which ultimately makes us better thinkers overall!

When you’ve visited new places, it’s easier to be less critical of yourself and others.

When you’ve traveled to new places and seen new things, it’s easier to be less critical of yourself and others. You can’t see the world through your own eyes anymore—you’ve been introduced to a whole new set of standards.

As an example: one time, my colleague was presenting at a conference, and she was nervous about getting up on stage. She’d never done this before; although her presentation skills weren’t bad at all, she felt out of place, having earned herself an audience in front of many strangers in a room full of conference attendees who were much more experienced than she was. But after traveling abroad with me (and having some incredible experiences along the way), she learned how important it is not only to challenge yourself but also to accept whatever happens while doing so—and this mindset helped her feel comfortable enough during our colleague’s presentation despite its high stakes nature!

Being away from your normal routine can help you fall asleep faster at night and sleep more soundly.

You might think that being away from your normal routine would make it more difficult to fall asleep at night and sleep soundly, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, taking a vacation can actually help you get better rest. So take note of these few tips to ensure you have a good night’s sleep on vacation:

  • Try not to over-plan your trip—leave some flexibility in your schedule so that you have time off when you arrive at your destination.
  • If possible, plan some time after dinner to relax with a book or just watch TV while still wearing some comfy clothes, so it’s easier for them to come off later in the evening when it is bedtime.
  • If there are any kids involved (or adults), make sure everyone knows what their sleeping arrangements will be before bedtime arrives!

This technique also works well if someone else is staying awake late into the night, watching movies, or playing video games while everyone else wants peace and quiet so they can get some sleep before setting out in the early morning the next day.

Vacations are a great way to strengthen the bonds between family members, especially kids.

Vacations are a great way to strengthen the bonds between family members, especially kids. A lot of times, we don’t realize how much we need to spend time with our family until it’s too late.

A vacation gives you time to relax and unwind from work stress and pressures. You can also use this time to reconnect with your spouse or children on a more intimate level.

Looking for a staycation place in Butuan? Try these top hotels in Butuan City.

Taking a vacation every year can help prevent burnout at work, which builds up over time.

Overwork is a serious problem that can lead to burnout, which is the result of overworking. Burnout can cause employees to feel stressed and exhausted, affecting their productivity at work and even their health. If you’re burnt out, it’s important to take a vacation every year in order to recharge yourself and prevent future problems.

Here are some obvious signs that indicate you might be burnt out at work:

  • You’re more irritable than usual.
  • You felt having no control over your life or workload.
  • You’re not able to focus on simple tasks anymore because they feel overwhelming or stressful.

If some or all sound familiar, then it’s time for you to get away from all things work-related for a while! Taking vacations every year will help prevent burnout from building up over time (and burning out completely), so even if there isn’t anything specific going on with your job right now, consider taking an extended weekend off anyway just so that when something does happen later down the line—and trust us when we say that it will—you’ll already be prepared with some fresh perspective on how things should go from here forward.

There are many benefits to taking vacations that impact your work and personal life in positive ways.

For some, taking a vacation is a waste of time, but there are many benefits to taking vacations that impact your work and personal life in positive ways.

Vacations can help prevent burnout at work. If you’re feeling burned out or overworked, a vacation may be just what you need to get back on track with your goals. Keep in mind that there are different needs when it comes to how much time off we should take each year. 

To sum up, vacations are good for your health, happiness, and well-being. They can also help you be more productive in the office, better at managing stress levels, and more creative. So if you feel like your work life might need a boost, take some time off! There’s no doubt that taking a vacation will be beneficial for both your personal and professional life.

Taking a vacation may not be grand! It can be as simple as chilling at your house. You can also maximize the use of Lumina Homes’ amenities. It can be simple activities like joining your kids at the playground, hanging out with the whole family, bonding with friends at the eSpacio, playing basketball, or joining Zumba dance at the multi-purpose hall.

Lumina Homes are usually near tourist spots and good restaurants as well! Having a break doesn’t need to break the bank! 

Best At Home Ab Exercises For A Flat Stomach

The best ab exercises are the ones you’ll be able to actually do. If you can’t make it to the gym, don’t worry—there are great workouts you can do right at home! Here are Juan Goals favorites to help you achieve those fitness goals:

Toe reaches

Toe reaches. This exercise is excellent for increasing flexibility and strengthening your core. To perform it:0

  1. Lay on the floor with bent knees and feet flat.
  2. Place hands next to you on the floor, palms facing down.
  3. Lift both legs until they are straight in front of you and hold for 5-10 seconds before lowering them back down.
  4. Repeat for 15 reps or as many as possible without breaking form (don’t let your back arch or curl).

To make it more challenging, after you’ve mastered this version of toe reaches, start adding resistance by placing ankle weights around each foot while doing these exercises so that they become more complex over time!

Side planks

The side plank is a challenging abdominal exercise that works the obliques and transverse abdominals.

To do this exercise, lie on your left side with your legs straight out in front of you at about a 45-degree angle relative to the floor and your arms straight out in front of you. Press into the ground with your forearm to lift onto one elbow and then raise onto that elbow, so you’re balancing solely on one arm and foot (your legs should still be straight). Hold for thirty seconds to start with, then increase the time as it becomes easier; aim for at least five minutes total at some point in your workout routine. To perform more reps or add difficulty—and make sure not to roll over onto your back—serve the same move but keep both knees bent as well as both feet planted firmly on the ground (or close them if they aren’t hitting an elevated surface like a couch or table).

This exercise strengthens several muscles: The oblique abdominals help rotate the torso while stabilizing the spine during movement; hip flexors keep the body aligned when performing planks; quadriceps extend the leg forward during exercises such as squats; gluteus maximus helps support the upper body during planks. It also strengthens shoulder girdle stabilizers because hand placement must remain fixed throughout the movement pattern, so shoulder blades stay engaged against rib cage walls throughout the entire set duration time frame length session repetition sets. 

Bicycle crunches

Bicycle crunches are a great exercise to build strength in your core, which is the area of your body that supports you through all movements. Your core includes muscles in your stomach and back, as well as those in the hips and lower back. To do this exercise:

  • Lay back with knees bent, feet flat on the floor about hip-width apart (or closer together)
  • Your legs should be raised to be parallel to the ground.
  • Lift one leg to about 45 degrees from horizontal, keeping it straight, and then rotate it forward so that it touches either side of the other leg at about 90 degrees from horizontal (like pedaling a bike) before returning to starting position

You can try doing three sets of 10-15 repetitions per day for the best results! You may want to start with fewer reps if this is too challenging for you – try just 1 set until you feel more comfortable doing three sets.

Boat pose

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

To develop your core, try the boat stance making it easier for you to do daily activities. It also improves your balance and helps with posture. This pose is particularly good for runners who want to prevent injuries and improve their performance. Make sure you have enough room around you to fully extend your arms while lying on the floor with your legs raised straight up in the air.

How To Do The Boat Pose:

  • To perform a boat pose, lie flat on your back with your arms straight at your sides. Above your head and legs, positioned a few inches off of the ground with knees bent at 90-degree angles. Raise both arms, legs off of the ground until they meet above the head, forming an upside-down V shape with the torso being a diagonal line between those points (think boat).
  • Please hold this pose for 30 seconds, minimum. If possible, do more than without straining yourself too much; keep breathing like normal throughout the entire exercise so as not to overwork muscles unnecessarily, leading them towards exhaustion too soon, which would cause strain/pain later when doing other activities that require less effort such as walking around the house while carrying groceries bag instead walking just enough distance away from stores entrance.

Decline oblique crunches

  • Decline oblique crunches: Lie on a decline bench, with your hips and shoulders aligned directly under the pad. Have a medicine ball placed in between your feet or hold a weight in each hand. Raise your arms out to each side like you’re trying to climb up the sides of the bench while keeping your shoulders down (no shrugging!). Slowly lower back down until your upper back touches the bench. Repeat ten times, rest 30 seconds, and then repeat twice more for 30 seconds per set.
  • Decline oblique crunches with weights: Lie on a decline bench, with your hips and shoulders aligned directly under the pad. Hold dumbbells at chest level (or use two smaller weights). Raise your arms out to each side like you’re trying to climb up the sides of the bench while keeping your shoulders down (no shrugging!). Slowly lower back down until your upper back touches the bench again; repeat ten times for one set; rest 30 seconds before repeating twice more for another set of 10 reps total per round when using heavier weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells.


Burpees are one of the best home ab exercises for beginners. They will help you get rid of your belly fat and improve your overall fitness levels.

  • You can do burpees on a mat or on the floor, depending on how comfortable you are with the exercise.
  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart while hands are in front of you as if you were about to start a sprint (arms bent).
  • Bend down into a squat position by bending at the knees and hips, keeping the back straight (like in the image above).
  • Jump up as high as possible from this position by pushing off from toes so that both legs come together fast under chest level before separating them again quickly into another “jump” upwards away from the ground surface; bring arms forward towards the direction where the body is moving but return them down again afterward too (you should look like an upside-down letter “V”). This part is essential because it helps activate core muscles which will help strengthen the stomach area later on!

These ab exercises are a great way to get the flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

If you’re looking to get the flat stomach you’ve always wanted, then these ab exercises are a great place to start. Whether you are just starting or even an advanced fitness enthusiast, they’ll help build up your core strength and teach you how to isolate your abdominal muscles so that they work harder during all kinds of other workouts. These ab exercises can be done anywhere—at home, at the gym, or on vacation—so no matter where your life takes you next, these moves will stay with you!

When you’re looking for a flat stomach, you want to make sure that it’s a good one. These at-home ab exercises are the best way to do just that! That’s why it would be best if you could create a space for your exercise activity inside your house and lot in the Philippines like Lumina Homes! The COVID-19 pandemic caused people to conduct all their daily activities from home. This resulted in a demand for larger living spaces, which Lumina addresses by providing bigger rooms that have better ventilation. So if you own an affordable house and lot in Lumina Homes, you can easily designate a space for your healthy living goals.

6 Most Underrated Ways To Beat Work Stress

In today’s working world, pressure and stress are inevitable. We often hear about workplace pressure, but common questions regarding the causes of it vary.

You always expect tensions to run high at work when the boss is particularly harsh and mean to you. The cause of workplace stress may not only be your boss or supervisor. It could also be the case with other coworkers or even factors like a stress-inducing work environment that makes your work harder. Or the office gossip suspended in a particular room corner may also stem from financial difficulties, having too many accounts to pay for, and loans to pay off.

Stress is a part of everyone’s life, and that’s all right because it can sometimes help us grow, push ourselves and achieve certain things. There are many different kinds of stress, however. There is short-term and long-term stress, so believe it or not, you can cope with work stress, live a balanced life, and prevent it from killing your productivity at work.

This article will give you six things you can do to cope with work stress.

Ask for help and lessen stress.

Stress is just another part of life, it’s unavoidable, and we all experience it at times or at least witness other people experiencing it. Some people build stress inside them to the point where they start feeling like a ticking time bomb ready to explode. You may ask yourself some thoughts, “Why can’t I just accept this stressful situation?” Or, if you’re in a high-stress situation right now, maybe you are thinking, “When will this ever end?” Or perhaps you’ve usually seen yourself as calm and collected but have recently started spiraling down into a more anxious state.

Be aware that you are stressed and try to bring attention to the growing problem. Asking for help or getting a way to talk about it can surely help relieve what you are bottling up inside.

Stress gets worse when you try to handle everything by yourself. Being a constant “yes” person is also not a good trait. If you always answer yes, your superiors won’t be aware of your boundaries. Because they believe you can handle it, they will probably give you additional work. And as your workload increases, your stress levels will rise.

Be considerate, speak up when necessary, occasionally say “no,” and always ask for assistance. Help is required by all. You are not incompetent if you ask for help. We all have limitations, and nurturing yourself means allowing others to assist you.

Keep yourself healthy.

Nothing is more crucial than improving your health. You won’t be able to complete your work effectively if your body isn’t in good health. Stress can be avoided by following a healthy diet, exercising, rehydrating, and getting sufficient sleep. And whenever you are not feeling well, do not feel guilty about using your sick leave. 

The lack of healthy behaviors is the primary reason you feel stressed at work. Getting into good habits early on can help you perform at your best at work. Additionally, if your job prevents you from maintaining healthy habits, you should make an effort to consume three meals a day and get enough sleep.

Make time for a break.

The majority of work-related stress is brought on by tasks’ intense pressure. Therefore, it is imperative to lower some of these stresses. Take quick lunch breaks and leave your desk for five minutes to collect yourself. Taking a vacation is another option you have after making substantial progress. Your body will unwind and heal as a result.

Due to the overwhelming tasks, some people may even feel bad for taking pauses. They are unaware that taking pauses helps the body recover from a long day of work. You shouldn’t feel terrible about utilizing vacation time, just like using sick time.

Avoid procrastination

More productive production derives from effective time management. Laziness and procrastination can occasionally be brought on by your job, especially if you have a lot of work to do. However, when tasks pile up, they become more challenging to complete.

Making a list of everything you have to do within a specific time frame is the best antidote to procrastination. You can see your products and get a clear list of the priority using this. While some people attempt to complete more difficult activities, others perform small chores in quantity. Do whatever suits you the most.

Try To Be More Positive

Constantly focusing on the positives could be one of the hardest things to do. It could be draining and occasionally feel forced. Finding the positive aspects of a situation will help you comprehend it and come up with a better solution. Even a slight reduction in stress can be achieved with optimism.

Positive thinkers may change their habits fast, lead healthy lifestyles, and find speedy solutions to issues at work. Positive thinking impacts not only your work but also your entire life. Don’t forget to repeat encouraging words to yourself and associate yourself with upbeat individuals.

Choose a Stress-Free Neighborhood to Call home.

We all suffer stress at some point, and some of us might be experiencing it right now. Depending on the situation, some people may be taking it easy while others may be struggling. Everyone copes differently, but I hope you keep in mind that it will pass. Try to adhere to the list provided above, or feel free to add your own.

Residing in a community where you can find less to no stress is another method of reducing work stress. After a long day at work, you should be able to unwind at home. Living in a noisy, polluted location will not make you feel less stressed.

When you’re going through a stressful or high-pressure time at work, it’s really easy to lose sight of the main advocacy of your job. The truth is that helping your customers and doing great work is both fun and satisfying. You must not allow stress to get in the way of the best version of you and your work performance!

Juan Goals: Business Ideas That You Can Start in the Philippines With 50k Startup Capital

It’s undeniable that the Philippines is still in a state of recovery. And with the unemployment rate reaching its all-time high, almost 4.25 million Filipinos are looking for new business ideas.

Growing the economy through the development of our small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is a top priority of the current administration. With many Filipinos looking for business ideas with 50K capital in the Philippines, most starting-up entrepreneurs are turning to their local community as they try to find out what business ideas can help them create more jobs.

What are 50k business ideas in the Philippines? Do they exist? The answer is YES, they do! This article lists seven business ideas with start-up capital for PhP50,000 or even lower.

1. Online Tutorial Services

Asian beautiful female student study in library with laptop

Freelance and home-based businesses are becoming more common. People are starting businesses on their terms and making them work.

A quality laptop or desktop computer, fiber internet installation costs and a dependable headset may all be purchased with about PHP 40,000. These can assist you in starting an online tutoring company that can serve learners of all ages.

Depending on the extent of your services, you have the potential to make approximately PHP 10,000 every month. Without the necessary credentials, such as a transcript of records or a teaching certificate, you can even apply online to become a teacher and work with pupils from different nationalities.

2. Freelance Writing

You can get a basic laptop for PHP 25,000 and start typing on Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can write for blogs and websites online, hunt for writing jobs on Upwork or OnlineJobs.ph, or compose your original full-length novel and be a ghostwriter. Knowing Search Engine Optimization will definitely score you a more significant income!

When it comes to monetizing a blog, there are so many choices available.


3. Online Retail Store

Consider selling shoes, bags, and cosmetic goods in addition to clothing since these items are in demand and sell quickly. Additionally, you can sell grocery items online and set up delivery, especially because many people these days prefer to shop online rather than wait in line at the supermarket.

You can open a store on Facebook, Instagram, or Carousell. If you wish to compete against retail powerhouses, there are also Shopee and Lazada.

4. Franchise a Food Cart

Are you looking for a restaurant franchise under PhP50,000? Why not think about opening a food cart franchise? This will enable you to gain experience in business while using a set system.

If you’re seeking business ideas in the Philippines that just require PHP 50,000 in start-up costs, food carts with one or two goods are ideal. To mention a few things already included in this bundle are equipment, orientation, and customer support. Anticipate the franchise fee to be significantly higher if you wish to make a larger investment in a franchise.

5. Make-up Services

There are several ways you may generate money with make-up, from weddings to private classes. A collection of high-quality items can cost up to PHP 28,000, whereas a professional brush set will cost approximately PHP 4,000.

Using your network is one of the most important aspects of success. You can start small with a small group of clients. However, if you deliver well and let your work speak for itself, your network will grow organically through referrals.

You can also use YouTube to post tutorials and make-up videos, which can help you expand your network. You can also ask clients for permission if you can take a photo of their before and after look. TikTok can also be a good platform to showcase a quick make-up transformation.

6. Photography Business

PHP 20,000 will purchase you a DSLR, which provides the best quality compared to point-and-shoot cameras. If you intend to turn your leisure activity into a business, however, you’ll need to have more equipment to broaden your range of services. Aside from a reliable camera, you’ll need extra lenses (wide-angle zoom lenses), spare batteries and storage devices, and lighting equipment, to name a few.

You can market your photos online or advertise your services at events. You can also tie up with an event coordinator, so they may recommend you if their clients want to get a referral for a photographer.

Prepare a portfolio and post your images on social media to demonstrate the caliber of your work. Use your network to your advantage, especially while getting your first job. If your customers are satisfied, they will recommend you to their friends and family without hesitation.

7. Delivery or Pasabuy Business

You’ll need a driver’s license to launch your delivery or pasabuy business. However, suppose you intend to utilize a bicycle or an electric bicycle. In that case, you can still provide delivery services without a permit as long as your deliveries are limited to your immediate area and you only use barangay roads. More importantly, you won’t need to spend money on fuel and increase delivery prices for your consumers.

Why not start your delivery service if you’re wondering what venture to start with P50,000 in the Philippines? Doing errands for your local community can be advertised via the Facebook Pages of your municipality or with word of mouth from family.

Jobs are not just limited to employment in the corporate world, working for international companies and factories. Filipinos are considered optimistic and happy-go-lucky people who do not get easily frustrated. And they’re all because of one thing — they believe that happiness is found in solving problems, making things work out despite the odds being against you.

If you know it’s true that the internet is filled with unlimited opportunities, then you are on your way to making a mark. Everybody wants to get ahead in life. And opportunities are always there; only you need to find them. Well, for today, we hope that Juan Goals served its purpose and helped you find the business that fits you!

Juan Goals: Easy Daily Routines Will Help You Lead a Balanced Life

Most of the time, we try to make up for fatigue by napping longer. It makes sense considering that many people don’t get the necessary seven up to nine hours of sleep a night. However, what should we do when we still feel drowsy and exhausted despite getting more sleep?

We think we’ve refreshed because we’ve obtained enough sleep, but we’re missing out on other forms of rest that we desperately need to replenish our batteries.

That is why balance in life is essential. Constant travel and long hours at the office can be detrimental to your health. The same is true of being careless and complacent, both of which can prevent goal-achieving.

If we want to have a balanced life, we must create a routine that incorporates sleep, exercise, a nutritious diet, and other activities. As a result, we can eliminate unnecessary stress that occupies us. This allows us to acquire perspective and make sound decisions. We keep ourselves motivated by taking good care of our bodies and minds. Proper upkeep delivers fruitful results.

In life, a guiding concept can help you comprehend your mission. Your core value in life is a powerful vision that impacts your thoughts and behaviors. It’s a deep-seated belief in your soul. Whether you call it your conviction, repetition, or the core truth of who you are, your driving principle is usually something you already know. Recognize it. When things get tough, knowing what you stand for in a clear, precise manner will assist you in making judgments aligned with your desires.

The advantages of a balanced life and core values in life have become increasingly crucial for your wellness and health in today’s fast-paced, modern society. A nutritious diet and regular exercise can assist in improving and stabilizing overall health and well-being.

Consider the following life principles to get you started:

1. Eat nutritious foods.

Aside from maintaining your body in balance, consuming nutritious foods can increase your energy and reduce stress. Take plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

A healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle can meet our daily nutritional needs while also strengthening our immune. A well-balanced diet is vital for getting enough minerals and vitamins and avoiding malnutrition. If your immune system is compromised, you may be more prone to sickness, especially if you have been exposed to a particular virus.

2. Take a rest.

Try to incorporate any of these seven types of rest into your day: physical rest, mental rest, creative rest, sensory rest, emotional rest, spiritual rest, and social rest.

3. Nurture your passion.

Maintaining balance is easier when you’re doing something you enjoy. Make time for your interests by determining what they are and nurturing them.

4. Unplug from technology.

Too many hours spent on devices can be a contributing reason to feeling out of balance. Make an effort to consciously disconnect from technology each day and spend the time doing something more relaxing, such as reading, conversing with friends, or going for a walk.

5. Get a routine exercise.

Science has demonstrated the benefits of physical activity on your health and happiness. It can reduce your chances of having major illnesses.

6. Meditate.

Stress can have a massive impact on feeling out of balance. Set aside time each day for relaxing activities such as yoga or even a warm bath. Prayer or meditation is another fantastic way to relax and focus on your inner peace. Yoga or stretching can help you align your energies and release pent-up stress.

7. Make memories with your loved ones.

Spending time with your loved ones is different from making memories with them. Have moments that will be remarkable for those who provide you with strength.

Your relationships with family, friends and other relatives may be one of the essential sources of support in your life. Healthy relationships will improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, making it more straightforward for you to interact with others.

8. Expand your social circle.

To keep your life balanced, you must meet more people with whom you can join new social circles. These folks are most likely unrelated to your work. Socializing with others will also assist you in improving your communication skills. Always strive to be friendly and kind.

9. Eyes on your goal.

You must make a strong plan and list the life goals you want to achieve. When making selections, exercise caution because even minor choices can have a significant impact on your life and affect your future path. Allow your plans to be a guide for achieving your life’s purpose and objectives.

10. Set your priorities.

Before making a decision, prioritize the most critical tasks. Choose your primary goal and manage your time correspondingly. Your organizational skills will improve here. You will most likely move enormous rocks if you do not identify your priorities because you will be stranded in a distant region. So, take a moment to pause, ponder on your life, and identify the activities that are most significant to you.

11. Make a journal.

A journal can be an excellent tool for tracking your progress and attaining your goals. Outlining your feelings and thoughts in writing might help you get a more profound knowledge of yourself and your goals.

12. Try to stay in the present situation.

Living in the present is essential for maintaining balance since it is easy to become preoccupied with what will take place in the future or what has already occurred. When you focus your attention on the now, you are less prone to become frightened about things over which you have no control.

Mindfulness is being in the moment and embracing it without judgment. Being mindful reduces your chances of experiencing stress or overwhelm.

You are headed to a harmonious life with your true nature once you’ve established your guiding principle in life and the advantages of pursuing a balanced existence. When life gets rough, or you have to make a difficult decision, look to your idea for advice. Maintain a visible reminder of your leading principle regularly.

A Total Beginner’s Guide To Healthy Eating

The current COVID-19 pandemic raised awareness about the importance of keeping a robust immune system. Health experts recommend regular physical activities, nutritious food, and healthy habits.

A healthy diet can help people prevent or delay the onset of chronic non-communicable diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. It specifies that a healthy diet includes a combination of foods like staples, legumes, fruits, and vegetables and foods from animal sources.

Meanwhile, a diet high in unhealthy fats and sugars can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases related to obesity.

If you seriously want to lose weight, you must not stop eating a balanced diet. A healthy dietary pattern is more than just avoiding processed meats and saturated fat. Using brown rice, lean meats, and fruit juice exclusively may not be the best way to lose weight.

1. The Ketogenic Diet

Commonly known as Keto, it is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that puts your body into ketosis. When you reduce carbohydrates and increase fats, your body’s supply of glucose or sugar is limited. This metabolic state forces your body to burn fat instead of glucose or sugar for energy.

Although it is not recommended for people with high energy requirements, like athletes, who need glucose to fuel their bodies, the keto diet can lead to weight loss, as your body burns fat instead of storing it. This low-carb diet also helps in several health conditions, including heart disease and possibly even cancer treatment. It improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels and slows the progress of tumors. It is further proven to reduce seizures in epileptic children by enhancing their brain energy levels.

If you are on a keto diet, holding your sweet tooth and avoiding sugary food like cookies, ice cream, and desserts is a must. You also need to avoid eating starch-rich foods. Starch can be turned into sugar, so bread, potatoes, and rice are not suitable for you.

2. The Vegan Diet

Veganism is a diet that avoids foods derived from animals. Some vegans are also concerned with climate justice or a healthy lifestyle, but many vegans are genuinely motivated by animal rights and environmental concerns.

So if you plan to be a vegan, you must ensure that you include plant-based foods in your meals, including nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, legumes, and dairy products. You must also do away with animal-based foods—meat, fish, eggs—and animal-sourced products like honey.

The popularity of veganism has spread in the Philippines, with social media as a venue for the movement. For instance, the Facebook group Manila Vegans has already surpassed 50,000 members! Even known fast-food chains or pizza places are now offering plant-based menus too!

A vegan diet was found in a study published at the National Library of Medicine to cut the follower’s weight and risk of chronic diseases. It also improves blood pressure and metabolic health. Plus, the benefits extend to the environment as a meatless lifestyle, forward animal rights, and lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Vegan restaurants and dishes are perceived as expensive and difficult to access, making it challenging for those who follow this diet to sustain it. So, it would also be best if you are a green thumb and owns a sustainable garden at home.

3. Mediterranean Diet

If you have been thinking about committing to a diet plan but have had trouble finding one that suits your taste buds, the Mediterranean diet might be for you.

To follow this diet, you would usually fill your plate with flavorful fruits like grapes, bananas, apples, and melons; and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. These foods may also include canned or frozen fruit or vegetables. However, you must check their labels for sodium and sugar content.

You can also eat poultry, dairy products, whole grains, and legumes. However, added sugar, highly processed food, and trans fat are not recommended.

Health experts and dieticians believe that the Mediterranean diet, which includes countries like Spain, Italy, and Greece, is one of the healthiest diets. It has been linked to a decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and premature death. While it is not a low-calorie diet, it is more balanced than other diets. Even the American Heart Association advises people to eat the way folks in the Mediterranean region do. That’s because they have a diet that helps prevent heart disease and stroke, among other things.

Like most diets, following a Mediterranean diet comes with its own pros and cons. Healthline’s study found that study participants who had healthier eating habits were less likely to develop dementia or experience memory loss over time. However, MedlinePlus warned that following this diet could lead to iron and calcium deficiency if not properly planned.

4. The Paleo Diet

It is inspired by the diet of people from the Paleolithic Era, an era that dates back 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago and the time of our primitive ancestors. Scientists believe they ate whole foods, but it is impossible to determine what they actually ate.

This diet aims to return us to the whole-food-based diet our bodies were designed for, and it also pushes us toward an active lifestyle as the hunter-gatherers had. If we stick to this plan and avoid sedentary behaviors like sitting at a computer all day, lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, and heart problems can be avoided.

The Paleo diet is the latest in a long line of diets that have become popular over the years. At the same time, Paleo-friendly food consists of fruits and vegetables and is naturally rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It also cuts your dependence on white refined carbohydrates.

Foods allowed in the Paleo diet include beef, pork, poultry, fish, fruits, and non-starchy vegetables. In moderation, you can also have olive oil, flaxseed oil, and walnut oil. Processed foods and those unavailable during the Stone Age are not allowed. You might avoid dairy products, grains including pasta, artificial sweeteners, legumes, and processed meat.

The Paleo diet is unique because it includes exercise in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Yet, while many experts claim its effectiveness, there is minimal scientific evidence to support these claims.

5. Intermittent Fasting

The most popular diet trend is intermittent fasting, a weight-loss method that requires you to eat only during certain hours. This differs from traditional diets because it doesn’t restrict what you eat; it just tells you when to eat.

In addition to weight loss, intermittent fasting helps with several health issues such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

All of these diet plans can be very useful, but reaching your Juan Goals to a healthy lifestyle also needs to be assisted by professionals. So, you must consult a physician before starting one!

Juan Goals: Explore Region 3 and Its Seven Provinces

The region of Central Luzon is situated to the north of Manila, the country’s capital. Ilocos, the Cordillera Administrative Region, and the Cagayan Valley regions border the region to the north; the National Capital Region and CALABARZON border it to the south; and the waters of Manila Bay, the South China Sea, and the Philippine Sea border it to the east.

The region is also known as the Rice Bowl of the Philippines because it has the country’s largest plain and generates the majority of the nation’s rice supply.

Meanwhile, here are the seven provinces in Region 3 and the must-visit tourist spots in the area:

1. Aurora

Dubbed as the “Sanctuary of Nature’s Splendor,” Aurora is a glorious land so unbelievably rich and untouched. The Sierra Madre mountain range largely surrounds the province of Aurora. The Sierra Madre mountain is surrounded by, if not adjacent to, waterfalls, rivers, and sparkling streams of all sizes. Following the trails suggested by local nature hikers in the area, particular interest trips like mountain climbing, safaris, bird watching, ecological research, or even as simple as picnics.

  • President Quezon Memorial Park is a landmark for Baler, where the late president Manuel L. Quezon was born.
  • President Quezon’s House is a charming blue wooden cottage directly across from the Baler Municipal Hall and Church. It was where the Quezon family, along with other family members and friends, resided while on holiday in Baler.
  • Cemento Beach Reef is a haven for professional surfers.
  • Digisit Beach is ideal for diving, and during calmer months, for snorkeling.
  • Animo Islets are with shrubs, small trees, and other vegetation growing on their top surfaces. The islets, one smaller than the other, resemble an upright bullet.
  • Casiguran Sound is a bay nearly enclosed by the Casiguran landmass and the peninsula of San Ildefonso. It is also a perfect spot for windsurfing.
  • Baler Catholic Church is where the La Campana de Baler, a vintage bell of exceptional quality, was used before being preserved as a relic.
  • Borlongan Beach differs from most beaches in that its coastline is nearly entirely made up of gray pebbles and fist-sized stones, all of which have been smoothed by the waves that relentlessly beat against its shore.

2. Bataan

Tagged as the History Hub of Central Luzon, Bataan is where you can discover the remarkable history and culture of the country. Here are some of the places to visit and things that you should do in Bataan:

  • Dambana ng Kagitingan, Atop Mt. Samat, was built in memory of the soldiers of World War II.
  • Pilar Flaming Sword represents the Filipino people’s courage and bravery in facing challenges to their democracy and peace from inside and without.
  • Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower symbolizes the post-World War II era of peace, friendship, and healing between the formerly at-war countries.
  • Dinalupihan Natural Parks is ideal for picnics, day hikes, and camping activities.
  • Mt. Samat Shrine has a huge memorial cross standing at about 311-ft high.
  • Balon Anito is a medicinal hot spring at the volcano’s mouth is where the old go to soak their feet, earning it the nickname “dead volcano.”
  • Near the white sand beaches of Montemar, Sun Moon, Fajardo’s, and Morning Breeze Beach Resort in Bagac, you may windsurf or jet ski.

3. Bulacan

The Land of Heroes, Bulacan, is where you can feel the heart and soul of the Philippines. Filipinos live and breathe their history, traditions, culture, and nation. Bulacan is a place that truly embodies the fusion of the past and present, the traditional and the contemporary, the rural and the urban.

Aside from this, The province has developed into one of Luzon’s well-known vacation hotspots. Bulacan resorts offer an accessible and welcome escape from the stresses of city life just a short drive north of Manila.

So, here are some of the must-visit places in Bulacan that will make you relate to history:

  • Marcelo H. Del Pilar Shrine
  • Kakarong de Sili Shrine 
  • Biak-na-Bato
  • Bagbag Bridge
  • Casa Real Shrine
  • Barasoain Church Historical Landmarks History Museum
  • Hiyas ng Bulacan Museum
  • Malolos Cathedral
  • San Rafael Church
  • Sta. Monica Church
  • St. John the Baptist Church

For nature-lovers, here are the must-see places in Bulacan:

  • Tumutulo Falls
  • Puning Cave
  • Verdivia Falls
  • Bakas in Norzagaray, Bulacan
  • Hilltop, also known as the Baguio City of Bulacan, mesmerizes tourists with a scenic view of the Sierra Madre Range
  • Aguinaldo Cave 
  • Bahay Paniqui
  • Cuarto-Cuarto Cave
  • Madlum Caves
  • Sibul Spring
  • Tilandong Falls

4. Nueva Ecija

Photo Grabbed From: Elaljanelasola.com

Since it is the largest province in Central Luzon and produces the most rice, Nueva Ecija is frequently referred to as the “Rice Bowl of the Philippines.”

On this note, tourism in the area is also attached to education about agriculture. There are agri-based institutions in Munoz, Nueva Ecija that provide farm tours. Visitors get to see their facilities, including a look at Central Luzon State University farming techniques and visits to the Philippine Rice Research Institute (Philrice) and the Philippine Carabao Center.

Aside from this, you can also enjoy the culture of Nueva Ecija by witnessing the Taong Putik Festival of Aliaga. Numerous mud-covered, scarcely clad worshippers arrive to the town’s wide awake residents at the crack of the morning to solicit alms and candles. This technique is based on a biblical legend that St. John the Baptist is claimed to have carried out during his lifetime. The event is capped off by a unique mass, emphasizing its spiritual significance to the residents of Aliaga.

5. Pampanga

Mouth-watering food pops in your mind when you attach any food with Pampanga, no wonder why it is called the Culinary Center Of The Philippines. People who live there are resourceful, resilient, and deservedly proud of their renowned Kapampangan cuisine.

Aside from having a food trip, here are some special interests in Pampanga: 

  • Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) 
  • Mt. Pinatubo Sky Tour 
  • Angeles City Flying Club
  • Angeles City 4 Wheelers Club
  • Clark-Arayat Ecoutour
  • Furniture and Woodcarving Industry
  • Candaba Swamp and Wild Duck Sanctuary
  • Expo Pilipino
  • Museo ning Angeles
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Christmas Lanterns

6. Tarlac

The province of Tarlac is one of the best destinations to visit in Central Luzon, thanks to its historic landmarks, fine dining options, sizable plantations, festivals, wonderfully designed golf course, and numerous other attractions. Here are some of the must-visit places in Tarlac:

  • Capas National Shrine
  • Sto. Domingo Death March Marker
  • Capas Death March Monument 
  • Luisita Golf Course
  • Maria Clara Museum
  • Carlos P. Romulo Memorial Library 
  • Tarlac Museum 
  • Camiling Church 
  • Mt. Pinatubo is where you can trek to the crater, which is well-known worldwide. The journey up the volcano is filled with breathtaking views, imposing lahar gorges, cool mountain springs, and flowing waterfalls.
  • Diwa ng Tarlak 
  • San Bartolome Treehouse
  • Bueno Hot Springs

7. Zambales

Wreck Diving Capital Of The Philippines, Zambales, has the Subic Bay in Olongapo and boasts the best infrastructure and amenities along the coast, with the wrecks being the main draw. It is unquestionably the best diving location overall.

The USS New York, a battleship destroyed during World War II to prevent her 17-inch main guns from slipping into Japanese hands, is a major attraction. A rare, fine specimen of an 1899 dreadnought, she rests on her port side in 27m of water, cannons intact.

The El Capitan, a 130-meter-long, 3000-ton ship that sank in the opening of Ilanin Bay, is another fantastic dive. It is a simple dive because the top of the wreck is only 12 meters below the surface.

Fine beaches should also be the highlight of your visit to Zambales if you are not into diving.

With all of the things that Region 3 has to offer, discovering more about our nature, culture, and history is surely accessible even to the Juans in the Metro.