A FAMILY is just a single word with many different meanings. Some may look at it as a simple or just plain word, some may define it in a much deeper way. Families differ in terms of economic, social, cultural and many other terms, but there is one common thing in every Family and it is that the people who calls it a family makes it clear that those people plays as important part in his/her life.




In a family, they help all its members and treats them in the best and special way they can. Most of the time they play a part in each other’s success or achievements in life. Here in LUMINA, they see every JUAN as a part of their family.


The number of sales agent in LUMINA is now increasing. Why do you think is that? Because LUMINA creates an environment where the job is not just about to help financially but a job surrounded by people who you can call a family.


People in LUMINA treats everyone the same because that’s how a family should work right? Starting from the entrance of the site, the guards will assist and escort you, while wearing a big and warm smile on their faces. And as you enter the main office, a good LUMINA morning can be seen on every staff members as they greet you cheerfully.




Before an agent starts selling, the marketing head or officers will teach them all the things that an agent needs to know. They will teach the agent every single details on how real estate works. They will assist them in every ways they could because they believe that an agent’s success is their success as well.


New sales agents will never feel “OP” or out of place. The senior or older sale agents entertain or chat with the new ones for them to feel more welcome and be closer. All of the sales agents and brokers have a good relationship. You can see them taking “groufie” and post it in their social media accounts. They also like to make fun of each other. And the staff members also joke around with them. It looks like they have known each other for a long time.




LUMINA also celebrate your special day with you. Every JUAN’s birthday is noted. Normally, they usually give cakes and gifts to the sales agents or brokers that are celebrating their birthday, to make them feel extra special. It is just a small act of LUMINA to make you feel that they remember anything or even small things about you. #EveryJuansHome




In this kind of workplace, it will be easier for you to do your work and love your job even more. As the saying goes, you will never feel like you are working if you love what you are doing. And the people you work with really matter, they will help you to do better and be better. #MarchAwaited




And in LUMINA, every JUAN matters, and every JUAN is part of the big family.


Want more info? Lumina always give homeowners a free site tripping inside their subdivision! Tara na sa Brgy. Lumina! Get in touch with us!

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Buying a home can be a great decision if you have ideas about purchasing a house and lot. But before you acquire a new home, you need to consider some tips and factors that will affect your decision making process.

Have it ever crossed your mind, the word “pre-selling”?






Technology has become a big part of our daily lives. We use it every day to mainly function. It is very helpful in terms of work – it keeps you within your schedule. Technology has also widen our human capacities in many terms. With this, there are many things that we can do which we could not do before.


Now in real estate business, technology usage can be a great advantage when looking for a prospect buyer. Social platforms specifically Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Messenger makes marketing a lot easier nowadays.  People are easier to reach through these platforms.





Lumina Homes aims to give every Juan a home that they can build their dreams and life, but seeing a whole barrangay destroyed by a fire is truly a heartbreaking scene. When you see your home crushed and burned into ashes and you can’t do anything to save it. Losing a home where you formed precious memories is like pulling your heart out.





Real Estate selling requires more than just your willingness to sell kabarangay! Responding to a social media inquiry, text message or impromptu call from prospective client requires much more than sharing your knowledge on payments and notable terms and conditions. Kaya kabarangay master these 10 “Rock star Skills” in Real Estate so you can own the game here in Lumina Homes and be a certified BIDA LUMINA SELLER. #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved this #JANpackedJanuary!

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Of Course if you don’t have a sale at least one, your monthly, weekly, daily commission/ profit is different if you have a big sale you get high profit and vice versa. And this is one of the toughest parts of being a BIDA LUMINA SELLER. You cannot demand on your profit, but do not worry, even if being a Lumina Seller doesn’t guarantee a fixed income, there is a great opportunity to earn as much as 20,000-30,000 pesos a month! Only a huge amount of dedication and commitment is needed to have this #HanapBuhayGoals




ONLY IN PH: An extra-ordinary Christmas Celebration, as they say; It’s more FUN in the Philippines #UnstoppableAngSaya. Where else would you find a three-month-long celebration, two whole weeks of parties and reunions, and gift-giving that extends into the middle of January? So it doesn’t come as a surprise that different provinces in the country go all out when putting up Christmas trees, decor, and lights.

 When the BER month strikes, the country is literally transformed into a spectacle of shining colors and shimmering lights. The streets are wrapped with dazzling Christmas lights and almost every house has a display of parol (star-shaped lantern) and other colorful Christmas decors.

Make way for this city, the first to be acclaimed as Nueva Ecija’s “Christmas Capital” among the 32 local government units in the province.


On Saturday night November 10, 2018, was the ceremonial lighting of a giant Christmas tree and thousands of lights and lanterns which the mayor of San Jose City, Hon. Mario O. Salvador said symbolizes unity, hope and prosperity among his constituents. #SavingsGoalsAchieved ka ditto kabarangay! You don’t need to travel anymore to other famous destinations this Christmas dahil #UnstoppableAngSaya dito sa San Jose!


Salvador said the Christmas lighting activity, dubbed “Liwanag ng Pasko sa Bagong San Jose” which he started after assuming office in 2016, helped the city government earn the sole distinction of being adjudged by the provincial government with the concurrence of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan as the “Christmas Capital of Nueva Ecija” among the local government units in the province. A dub that every Novo Ecijano will be proud of.


A huge rice grain-shaped bulbs also light up the three-kilometer section of the Maharlika Highway near the city hall and the public market, to highlight the city’s lifeblood—rice farming. #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved ang mga Novo Ecijano dahil ang probinsiya ay matatagpuan sa Green Corridor ng bansa. Not that they only value rice as food, but rather a livelihood that caused the province to be well known all around the country.


The event was also marked by the blessing of the Belen by Most Rev. Bishop Roberto C. Mallari, of the Diocese of San Jose. The Belen is a classic symbol of Christmas of which symbolizes the birth of baby Jesus.


City tourism officer Darmo Escuadro said this “Christmas Capital of Nueva Ecija” feat by the city government showed it was no fluke because it also earlier bagged the fourth place award in the Best Tourism-Oriented LGU (city category) during the holding of 2018 Pearl Awards of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines-Department of Tourism that was participated in by 45 entries nationwide in Cagayan De Oro City on Oct. 5 this year.


“May the radiance of those Christmas lights give brightness to us here in San Jose City, so we will see the real meaning of those lights leading us to the progress of San Jose” – Mayor Mario Salvador said during the lighting-up ceremony.


The perfect Christmas gift is always a nice vacation with family and friends, no matter where you go, what you eat or how much you spend for gifts, love and kindness will always be the key to have a merry Christmas.

Want more info? Lumina always give homeowners a free site tripping inside their subdivision! Tara na sa Brgy. Lumina! Get in touch with us!

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Years back, I found a house and lot that suits my budget for rental fees, but I did not thought of it savaging my wallet’s cash. As I get back in time, I remember the first day that I’ve moved in the house. I was flippin’ happy cause of the fact that I know have a place of my own, but set aside the idea that the place I’ll be staying at is only at lease, this ended up as a nightmare for my savings.


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PAANO MO NASABE: HOME BUYER’S EDITION “A compilation from Juan’s respondents”

 JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #SavingsGoalsAchieved?


Source: http://www.google.com


No need to worry if you’re short on budget. Lumina offer different types of financing. It offers Pag-IBIG Financing on which you’ll get a chance to have a lower interest rate truly

“Presyong may PUSO”

It also offers Easy Paylite Bank Financing where you’ll get a faster loan approval, but we chose deferred cash, where if it is in two years term there will be no 0% interest and only 5% interest if it is in 3-year-term. Latest improvement on Lumina’s payments is you can now pay your reservation fee CASHLESS, through GCash. You’ll only scan the QR Code the viola! Reservation Fee: PAID.


JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved?


Source: http://www.google.com



I was glad that the location of every Lumina’s site that I have searched online through www.lumina.com.ph are all located near schools, from elementary, secondary, up to tertiary #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved ang mga anak ko.

Not that they only near ordinary schools, some sites are near well known universities like Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) and Central Luzon State University (CLSU). I’ve heard that this year’s Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) Board Exam’s top 7 was a graduate from NEUST, and this year Agriculturist’s Licensure Exam’s Top Notcher is from CLSU.

Both private and public schools are accessible and near at any Lumina site. Tipid na sa pamasahe, no worries pa sa quality ng edukasyon para for the kiddos. #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved na #SavingsGoalsAchieved pa!

JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved?


Source: http://www.philmech.gov.ph



I was worried to stop renting at our old residence before. Why? Because I work near the area. But I was glad to discover that there exists a Lumina near my workplace! #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved and at the same time #SavingsGoalsAchieved due to the fact that it stopped us from renting.

No worries about transportation too because the subdivision is accessible through the main highway. It also gave me an opportunity to spend more time with the kids ‘cause of less time travel. Achieved na achieved lahat ng dahil sa Lumina. #UnstoppableSaya

JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #EverydayNeedsAchieved?



Other than #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved and #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved, living inside Lumina gave me an overall #EverydayNeedsAchieved! It’s near the public market that made it easy for me to travel while carrying a basket full of both wet and dry goods.

No need to buy frozen goods, because I can buy them fresh at the wet market every day. The Home Owner’s Association(HOA) allowed us to rent a space in the commercial area where we established a water refilling station that gave us an opportunity to supply every Juan’s #EverydayNeedsAchieved! It also gave us an extra income #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved!


JUAN TANONG: Paano mo nasabe na #BahayGoalsAchieved?



Upon site tripping up to house turnover, Lumina assisted us. You can truly feel that they are committed into giving every Juan their dream home. A family vibe was our first impression when we first met our agent and when we visited the site where the staffs welcomed us with their warm smiles and greetings.

We selected the schedule of our site tripping, a good thing because our schedules are both hectic and jammed. We visited the site on a Saturday morning. Site Tripping is what they call the activity where home buyers will be toured around the site, will be able to see model houses, both dressed up and actual turn-over.

The site was such a beau. They helped us select our future home’s location, of which is where the morning sun shines. They also recommended a two-storey home, they specifically called it Armina. This house is a two-storey single firewall type. They also offer rowhouse, duplex, loftable type, and townhouse that can suite every Juan.

The fact that the houses are made through using a reinforced concrete system is JuanDerful! Reinforced concrete system also known as cast-in-place, is a system where houses are built with pure cement, a house that is affordable yet quality constructed.  From an ordinary house to an extraordinary HOME.

Want more info? Lumina always give homeowners a free site tripping inside their subdivision! Tara na sa Brgy. Lumina! Get in touch with us!

Lumina Pampanga, Lumina Tarlac, Lumina Cabanatuan,

Bataan, Lumina San Jose, Pangasinan

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Lumina have an awarding for their valued sales executives, sales managers, and brokers. This awarding is a form of appreciation expressed through recognition of their productive effort and thus, given value by the marketing officers of every area all over the northern part of Luzon. #HanapBuhayGoalsAchieved sa Lumina!

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I know a place in the heart of central Luzon where you can feel like on a vacation while studying, a place known to every Juan as Central Luzon State University (CLSU)


CLSU is located at Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, where it is declared as a Science City due to exceptional research and development institutes. Not only that CLSU is placed in an exceptional city, it is also an exceptional school especially in Agricultural & Bio Systems Engineering, Agriculture, and Veterinary Medicine (source: UguidE) #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved

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College life is the basic foundation of every Juan’s dream, the stage where we are all leave the shadow of our student life, where we start to fly and follow our dreams and passion. Though not every Juan can afford college expenses, universities that provides students quality education but low tuition and miscellaneous expenses still exist, universities that can make every Juan’s dream to live life of success, through achieving excellent education. Kaya dapat pag pumili ka hindi lang #EdukasyonGoalsAchieved dapat #SavingGoalsAchieved din!




Fun Things to do near HOME . . .

Stroll around the City


Spain? No. This picture was taken at the beautiful city of Balanga, Bataan. You’ll fell in love with the romantically designed buildings of Balanga. A stroll around this gorgeous place will surely delight your eyes. The city is full of historical sites that every JUAN should visit. Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga is an architectural icon in the city and is full of lights at night.

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Juan Tips: Expense Tracker

Making a Do-It-Your-Own (DIY) Project is a good way to refresh your creative juices. Before entering college or maybe senior high where you’ll live inside a dorm or in a boarding house proper budget tracking is a must. This way, you’ll be able to monitor your expenses and be budget-wise student.


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Ka-barangay, are you already planning for your retirement? Do you already have a preferred and perfect place in mind to spend the rest of your life? Read on the rest to find out what is best for you!

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A house is not perfect unless you feel at home. And home is where we feel safe, happy and with our family Ka-barangay! We want our children to feel that they are indeed at home at perfect ang Lumina Homes para sa #BahayGoalsAchieved! Five family member ang average size ng Pilipino Family and achieved na achieved ng bahay ni Juan with 22sqm – 54sqm floor area. Giving Pilipino family space, safety and savings dahil sa #SavingGoalsAchieved na prices.

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Living alone or not, home will always be home. There are reasons why bachelors and independent women choose to live on their own. Today, living alone can be considered as complete freedom over one’s decision with their life. [Solo-dwellers, I’m here to tell you that you’ve made a practical, adult choice that you won’t regret.]

It is challenging, but they get to experience to control their own budget and customize their house without anyone disagreeing on their desired design or interior.  You don’t have to worry if someone has the TV or music too loud. You can sit in your home and enjoy the peace and quiet, since the rest of your life is chaotic. You can have total control and you get to find yourself.


But wait, what do you think will be the most ideal home for someone who lives alone?

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After choosing a model house let’s now compare RFO (Ready-for-occupancy) Units vs. NRFO (Not-ready-for-occupancy) Units. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Ever wonder the probabilities of what your future home could be? Let’s explore the options and wonder no more kabarangay!

Buying a home is not easy especially when the units are NRFO. Be patient, you can’t buy a property in an instant and try to fit the key in a wrong house to have your #BahayGoalsAchieved!


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Some people used to say, that life is a fairytale. Others don’t believe in such. They say, life is all about pain and hardships, of which may be true. But challenges will always be part of our lives, whether it is just a coincidence, drawn by fate or maybe written in the stars, projected by the constellations.

So why not say yes? Say YES to your life story that’s about to begin by choosing your dream house where you can live and make a happily ever after.




One of the main considerations before purchasing a house to turn it into your dream home is the price and payment terms. A lot of my kabarangay is saving money to for a house, a lot of them are also sacrificing their #PangarapGoalsAchieved to save more, but do we really need to sacrifice our other dream just to buy a house? Or is there a more flexible payment term that can adjust to your own budget? Just by picturing your own dream home, you may already feel the burden of buying it, but what if there’s a way to pay for it in longer terms while enjoying the present and saving for your future? Sounds inviting right? Read the rest of my blog for more excitement!





Remember when I told you that you can visit me anytime? To make it more exciting, let me give you a quick tour inside Lumina. Tara na kabarangay!ENTRANCE

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Juan Goals in “A Trek to Track”

Mount Rushmore

Would you rush it? When you NEED the home now? Or WANT to make plans for it so you won’t have to. Let’s take a glimpse of Juan’s trek to Mount Rushmore!

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JUAN’s Tipid DIY

Now that I’ve roamed around northern Luzon, everybody who gave comments in my blog asked me “How is #TravelGoalsAchieved! even possible with a limited budget?” Can’t afford the #TravelGoalsAchieved? or #BarkadaGoalsAchieved maybe? Here are some of my JUANTastic DIY Tips for you. Be #Unstoppable kabarangay!

Hindi ba`t mahihilig tayo sa mga bagay na dinedescribe ang ating personalities, hobbies at mga hilig? Kaya nga nauso ang mga personalized t-shirts, mugs, bags at marami pang iba. Try these DIYs and put your creativity to a test.


Tipid DIY No. 1

When someone asks me on where I buy my envelopes, I always told them that I made it. How?


“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is the main goal for these DIYs. Here are some of the sample outputs for my DIY envelope. Where do I use these? TIPID TIP: You can use these envelopes to separate your budgets.


Sample: You can put labels (travel budget, grocery budget, rentals etc.) on each envelop and put a specific amount or an estimated amount for the expenses of the month. This way, you’ll be able to measure and limit your expenses, excess budget on your monthly salary or allowance should be kept in an envelope labeled “savings” or you can deposit the excess cash on your bank account for a more secure system.


Old magazines, old maps, or used newspapers and gift wrappers can be used in making DIY envelopes. This is a fun way to revive your old paperworks from high school or college maybe. Thesis drafts or rejected project proposals can be put into good used instead of shredding them into pieces. This way, we’ll be able to minimize the waste that we produce.


Tipid DIY No. 2

I like to personalize things and reuse everyday materials in our house. Remember the empty jars of sandwich spreads like halaya or yema spread? Here are some of the best way to reuse empty jars.


These are inspired by a rustic theme. A simple way to organize toiletries and other house supplies.

IMG_2540 - Copy

Here are the steps on how to transform a simple jar into a unique home piece.



After letting the paint dry, you can scratch it using a sand paper or you can simply leave it plain painted.


You can also use these as a substitute for a tissue holder if you still have the lid of the jar.


Or you can simply put label on a clear jar and put random stuff in it. Simplicity is quite a beauty.


Tipid DIY No. 3

Tired of Piggy Banks and simple coin banks? Here’s a cute way to save your excess cash or coins in your pocket maybe.


You can use old cardboards, and recycle old frames. Instead of glass you can use acetate or plastic cover for the front of the coin bank. After finishing the box, you can personalized it and add your own style. #IponGoalsAchieved!

IMG_2552 - Copy

Photo Credits: Pinterest


People behind #BahayGoalsAchieved


Remember my last adventure? After spending a night at Lumina Tarlac’s transient homes, I was invited by one of the sales executives whom recommended the transient homes. She invited me as her date at Lumina’s Annual “Gawad Lumina” where they gather people from around the Philippines that are passionate on giving every JUAN a home.

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Mi Desaventura Definitiva #GoalsAchieved!

Before summing up my misadventures, let me give you guys a review on how my misadventure on Tarlac went. Here we go again kabaranggay!


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VI Misadventure: The Unstoppable Juan meets Pangasinan


Time to go near the beach! One of the highlights on my misadventure here in Pangasinan is “The Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary”, such a peaceful place where I was able to unwind and refresh my mind.

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Le quinta de Juan Misadventure: #BondingGoalsAchieved! at Balanga City

At the heart of Bataan lies the kahanga-hangang lungsod ng Balanga, known by locals as the “Tricycle City” because of the abundance of the said vehicle, kahit saan ka nga yata lumingon hindi pwedeng wala kang makikitang tricycle na bumabyahe sa lungsod. Handa na ba kayo sa susunod na misadventure?

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Warm Smiles and Taking Risks, Juan’s 3rd Misadventures

And for my 3rd misadventure…. Let’s have a short side trip in Nueva Ecija again. I’ve heard of this place where there’s a small community of Aeta people and a stunning falls waiting to be discovered by people from around Northern Luzon, would you dare trip and trek with me on this one?


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Misadventures Part II: A JUANderful Getaway at Pilar, Bataan


2nd adventure achieved! I was able to explore Pilar, Bataan. Called the “Last Bastion of Democracy in the Philippines”  I’ve heard of beautiful places to explore nearby. Tara na kabaranggay!

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Misadventure of Juan at San Jose City, Nueva Ecija


1st adventure achieved! I was able to explore San Jose City. I have to say that this adventure have just started. I’ve heard of beautiful places to explore nearby. Tara na kabaranggay!Continue reading “Misadventure of Juan at San Jose City, Nueva Ecija”

Guide to Visita Iglesia 2023: Must-visit Churches in Cagayan

For many reasons, Holy Week is one of the most anticipated and longest holidays in the Philippines. So, there is more time to travel with loved ones, and, of course, it is a time to reflect and repent.

With Holy Week quickly approaching, it’s that time of year again when people drive back to their hometowns for a quick break, reconnect with relatives in the provinces, and accomplish religious obligations.

The practice of visiting seven churches on Maundy Thursday or Good Friday is known as Visita Iglesia. During Visita Iglesia, devotees pray, reflect, and remember Jesus Christ’s sufferings in the seven churches they visit.

You can practice Visita Iglesia in your city or region. However, if you want to fulfill your religious obligation and learn about the spiritual and cultural roots of the places you’ll visit, Cagayan is the desirable pilgrimage destination.

The Red Brick architectural style of churches in the north of Luzon, particularly in Cagayan, is well-known and a must-see for tourists. Clay can also be found in abundance along the Cagayan River’s banks. In fact, Iguig’s Barangay Atulu continues to have a thriving brick-making industry.

Juan Goals will help you create your Visita Iglesia in Cagayan for your 2023 Holy Week plans. We made a list of some of the best churches to visit in Cagayan, so take note or follow our blog for your Visita Iglesia itineraries:

1. Aparri: St.Lorenzo Ruiz Church

The Lyceum of Aparri, Macanaya District, Aparri, Cagayan, is where you can find the St. Lorenzo Ruiz Church.

One of the best religious schools in the country, the Lyceum of Aparri, has a modern church instead of a Spanish red-brick building. This church was only recently constructed in 2006.

On the school’s grounds, there is a building housing the Ecclesiastical Museum. Artifacts from the province’s Catholic history are on display.

2. Lal-lo: Santo Domingo de Guzman Church

Lal-lo, also known as Nueva Segovia, was the initial Spanish settlement in Cagayan. Prior to its relocation to Vigan in 1758, it served as the Diocese of Nueva Segovia’s seat.

The church in Lal-lo has a façade that is remarkably similar to the one in Alcala.

A sizable wooden Cross is enclosed in a glass frame to protect the old wood from the elements and is located directly across the street on the banks of the Cagayan River. Over 300 years ago, Dominican missionaries raised it there.

3. Piat: Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Piat

The Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat Road in Piat, Cagayan, is where you can find the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Piat.

The Black Virgin Mary, one of the most revered Marian icons in the Philippines, housed the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Piat, located on a hill overlooking the Chico River. Out of the twelve minor basilicas in the country, the brick church is the fourth minor basilica and a popular destination for pilgrims in the north.

The miracle image, which has a mysteriously darker appearance, was brought to the nation by Dominicans from Macau in 1604. It was moved to Cagayan to aid in the evangelization of the Ibanags from its original location at the Santo Domingo Church in Intramuros.

4. Camalaniugan: San Jacinto de Polonia Church

Camalaniugan proudly promotes the town’s welcome arch as the home of the Far East’s oldest Catholic church bell.

In 1746 this church was built dedicated to the Polish saint San Jacinto de Polonia, but it was destroyed by a typhoon and an earthquake. Later, the church was relocated to its current location, away from the yearly overflow of the Cagayan River, which threatened the old structure’s foundations. Now, the Sancta Maria bell stands in the belfry of the modern-style church alongside the town’s other historic bells.

The Sancta Maria Bell, whose origins are unclear, was created in 1595, that same year as Catholic friars converted the native chieftain, Datu Guiyab, and their people to Christianity.

5. Alcala: St. Philomene Church

The late 19th-century Saint Philomene Church is under the Tuguegarao Archdiocese and is regarded as the largest Spanish colonial church in the Diocese due to its massive size. It will not go unnoticed when passing through Alcala town proper. When you enter the church and see how spacious and extensive the interior is, the size of the church becomes even more apparent. 

6. Tuguegarao City: St. Peter Metropolitan Cathedral Parish

The looming bell tower of Tuguegarao City’s baroque church can be seen from afar, even through the haze and maze of electrical cables. The church’s status as one of the greatest religious institutions in the Cagayan Valley Region is demonstrated by its towering architecture.

Holy Apostles Peter and Paul Cathedral, located in Tuguegarao City, is a baroque church built by Dominican friars in 1604. In Cagayan, bricks are used in the construction of churches; this cathedral’s decoration has a more stylized look, with Solomonic pillars that twist in the wind and Doric columns lining its facade.

Tuguegarao Cathedral is situated at 40 Gomez Street, Tuguegarao, Cagayan, 3500.

For a side trip or when you get hungry, you may also try the tasty food in Tuguegarao City

7. Iguig: Calvary Hills

Calvary Hills, a popular destination for Catholics during the Lenten Season, is set on eleven hectares of rolling hills overlooking the Cagayan River. The site resembles Jordan’s world-renowned river, which is also renowned for its biblical associations. A stairway at the back of the church leads to vast green rolling hills that offer a view of this river.

Calvary Hills has 14 stations of the cross of huge concrete statues depicting Jesus Christ’s sufferings before his death on Mount Calvary, including his resurrection.

But wherever you are going this Holy Week, make sure to have a safe trip by having your vehicle checked for maintenance or repair! If you need to book a hotel or accommodation, doing it ahead of time will be best. Also, have safety measures when leaving your house for a long period. Have a blessed Lenten Season, every Juan!

Top Tips For Making Your Home Hobby-Ready For Retirement

I’m a big fan of hobbies. I spend hours each week doing things like reading, knitting, and writing. More recently, though, I’ve been thinking about what will happen when I retire from my job—will I still have time to do these things? Retirement is a time for relaxation and fulfillment, but finding time for all your favorite activities can also be tough. If you’d like some ideas on how to make room for your hobbies in retirement, here are some great tips:

Make your home ready for your retirement.

If you’re planning on retiring soon, it’s time to start preparing your home for life after work. Whether you’re moving into a new condo or house or just want to make some changes around the place, here are some things that will help make sure that your home is ready for retirement:

  • Make it comfortable and safe. This might sound obvious, but making sure that every room in your house feels comfortable and safe is essential when it comes to being able to relax there after work hours end each day. If there are any issues with lighting or heating/cooling systems, now’s the time to get those fixed, so they don’t become a big problem later!
  • Plan ahead. It’s also important not only because this can help prevent injuries but also because many older people struggle with mobility issues due to either inherited conditions or accidents sustained throughout their lives as well. Therefore having ramps installed at entrances may prove beneficial when attempting upward mobility, such as walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator ride up instead.

Redesigned leisure spaces.

As you retire, your home is likely to be the primary place where you spend your leisure time. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure that it’s the ideal location for relaxing and enjoying yourself. Here are some ideas for creating a more leisurely space:

  • Add an indoor pool or hot tub. This can be an effective way of making sure that even when there isn’t enough time outdoors, there will still be plenty of opportunities for swimming or gathering for your grandchildren.
  • Redesign rooms so they’re more cozy and inviting than before–for example, by adding soft carpeting or rugs on top of hardwood floors; painting walls with warm colors such as browns or reds; replacing old furniture with new pieces designed specifically for comfort rather than style; installing blackout curtains over windows at night so sunlight doesn’t wake you up too early.

Never stop doing the hobbies you love.

One of the greatest things about hobbies is that they can help you keep yourself mentally and physically active. Hobbies can also lead to new friendships, increase your creativity, and even make you money!

But what happens when you retire? Do all these benefits go away? The answer is no–but only if you keep doing your hobbies in retirement. You might even find that they become even more important to your mental health as an older adult than they were before because retirement offers more time for them than work did (and hopefully fewer distractions).

Never stop doing the hobbies you love! Invest in a house and lot community that offers great amenities for retirees since it can help you accomplish more of your hobby.

Restore your napping space.

Once you’re retired, it’s important to have a place where you can rest. You need a quiet space that’s comfortable and close to your hobbies. Take note; you should also invest in a good mattress and cozy pillows. It should also be close to family members who will help with your hobbies as well.

Renew your love of shopping.

If you’ve always been a shopper, it could be difficult for you to picture a time when you didn’t have access to the newest goods. But as we get older, we realize that our priorities change–and shopping isn’t always at the top of the list.

That doesn’t mean that your love of shopping is over! If anything, being retired gives you plenty of opportunities to try out new hobbies and explore what makes them fun for you. Until then, though? I’m going to spend my free time doing something else: shopping at thrift stores! The good thing is that Lumina Homes are located nearby malls and other leisure establishments.

Reorganize your crafting space.

After you’ve retired, you’ll want to reorganize your crafting space. This is a great time to take stock of all the supplies and tools you have and make sure they’re organized in a way that makes sense. You’ll also want to consider what type of lighting and ventilation is necessary for your craft projects–you don’t want anything getting in the way of creating something beautiful!

Revamp your baking area.

If you’re an avid baker, it’s time to get your kitchen ready for retirement. Ensure that all of the ingredients and equipment are in place. Next, designate a space for baking so that everything is easily accessible. Finally, make sure the area has adequate ventilation and use a timer to keep track of time–you don’t want those cupcakes burning!

Renovate your garage workspace.

If you’re an avid hobbyist, it’s important to consider your workspace before retiring. Your garage or workshop may be perfect for the job–but if not, it’s worth considering a dedicated room.

A well-lit, ventilated space is key for any hobbyist who works with tools and materials that could be dangerous if used improperly. If you want to keep your hobbies in one place instead of having them spread across multiple rooms in the house, think about how easy it will be to access them each day–and whether they’ll fit exactly where they need to go once they get there!

Rebuild your reading nook.

You’ll want your reading nook to be comfortable. That means the furniture should be in good shape, and the space should have enough light and airflow. The reading nook should also be quiet–no TV, radio, or other distractions. It’s also smart to create some privacy for yourself by putting up a curtain or screen so you can read without worrying about being watched by others in your home.

Finally, make sure that cleaning up after yourself is easy–you don’t want to fool around with dust underfoot while trying not to mess up any pages!

If you’re looking to retire and make your home a hobby paradise, there are many ways to do it. You can renovate your space with new furniture or even change the layout of your home entirely. You can also reorganize your hobbies so that everything is within arm’s reach when you want them (as long as they don’t require electricity).

Top 7 Well-Loved Pet Animals You Can Easily Keep at Home

Pets are considered to be a part of the family. For this reason, the important move is to select a pet that will fit your lifestyle, needs, and home. In this article, we will discuss the pets which can be kept at home and are not normally part of restrictions in condo living or housing developments. We’ll also look at the benefits of these pets and how they can help you or around the house!


Cats are a common choice for pet owners. They require extremely little maintenance and can be left alone without feeling abandoned or lonely. Cats are also very loyal, affectionate, and playful when they want to be!

Cats make great companions because they have their own unique personalities that you will learn over time. You can even train your cat to do tricks like it or walk on a leash! It’s not hard at all if you follow these simple steps:

  • Get them used to being around humans by playing with them often when they’re young.
  • Feed them treats whenever possible so that they associate eating with good things happening in their lives or behavior! That way, when someone comes into contact with our pets’ food bowls, we won’t scare them away from eating any more than necessary because this means bad things might happen again later down the road.
  • Train them with the use of cat litter and a bed for each cat, and buy toys that can help entertain the cats.

Cats are very independent and don’t like being told what to do. So, trying to train them is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. You need to let them know what’s expected of them before they can learn anything new.


The dog is a loyal and faithful companion. They can be trained to do many things, including fetching, hunting, and guarding. Dogs are also good companions for children as they help them learn responsibility. 

A dog can be kept in an apartment, a condo unit, or in a house and lot; that’s why it is a more popular pet of choice for homeowners. Dogs are very social creatures and need interaction with their owners and other dogs. 

Please take note that if you give dogs enough exercise, the healthier they will be (the more active the breed, the more exercise it needs). If you have a backyard or yard space where you can let your dog roam around freely with other pets or on its own without getting into trouble, then that would be ideal as well!


Birds are also a common type of pet, and there are many different species. They can be indoors or outdoors and require little care. Birds should have a cage and food provided for them by their owners; however, toys can also be provided for entertainment purposes.

Birds are intelligent animals, and they are capable of forming strong bonds with their owners. They can be trained to talk and perform tricks. 


Cottontail, wiggly nose, and large ears. Who could refuse a cute rabbit, especially if there are children begging for one? Rabbits are wonderful, but they need a lot of tender loving care.

Rabbits are a very popular pet, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re considering getting one, here are some things to know:

  • A rabbit should not be kept in an outdoor hutch or confined to the basement or garage. Additionally, the majority of cages offered in pet stores are far too small. Additionally, you’ll need at least one room in your house that has been completely rabbit-proofed, as well as a space that can accommodate a reasonably large cage.
  • Generally speaking, rabbits and very young kids don’t get along. Rabbits prefer calm surroundings and safe, careful handling. The loud noises and quick, erratic movements that are typical of delighted kids can easily shock and stress rabbits, which are prey animals and readily startled. Before adopting a rabbit, you might need to wait until your kids are older.
  • Crepuscular, or sleeping during the day and night, means that rabbits are most active at twilight and dawn. For them to be socialized and content, rabbits require constant engagement with you. Additionally, they require at least an hour of play and exercise outside of their cage each day.
  • Fresh veggies should be part of every meal for a rabbit’s healthy diet, so you should shop at least once a week. Additionally, the enclosure for your rabbit needs to be cleaned completely once a week and kept tidy every day.


Turtles are known to be very playful, and they need a large tank for swimming. They also require a lot of attention and care. However, if you’re up for the challenge of keeping a turtle at home, then here are some things that you should know:

  • Your turtle will need a warm environment because it is cold-blooded (ectothermic). So make sure that your tank has heat lamps if necessary!
  • Your pet may get bored if it doesn’t have enough activities to do–but don’t worry! Turtles can eat pellets or frozen food, so that’s one thing off your list.
  • Since the majority of turtles are omnivores, they consume both meat and vegetation. Slugs, worms, crickets, apples, tomatoes, melons, and lush green vegetables are just a few of the many foods that box turtles will consume.


Fish are great pets to have at home. They are easy to maintain, and kids especially love them. Fish are also a great way to teach children about nature and the environment, while they can also be good for your health! Some fish can be dangerous, though, so it is important that you research which ones are safe before purchasing any fish tanks or aquariums for your home.


Hamsters are small, furry animals that are very popular as pets. Hamsters love to be held and can live in groups if they’re introduced properly. They enjoy running around in their cages, chewing on things, and sleeping in their beds at night.

They are easy to handle and don’t need much space; a cage with plenty of toys will suffice for most hamsters (buy one with a lid so that your pet cannot escape). Hamsters do not make much noise when compared to other small animals, which can be more difficult for some people who live in apartments where noise is an issue.

The above-mentioned pets are often kept in homes due to their benefits and ease of maintenance.

Pets are beneficial for mental health as they can provide companionship, affection, and love that no one else can. Having a pet also helps people become more active as they will have to take care of them regularly. Moreover, pets are good for your health as there are numerous studies that show how animals help reduce stress levels by lowering blood pressure and heart rate, reducing anxiety levels, and improving sleep quality, among other things!

With so many animals to choose from and so many different breeds of each, it can be difficult to decide which pet is right for you. We hope our list has helped you narrow down your options! If you are now sure about what kind of pet would be best suited for your household, please let us know in the comments section below why you think it is the right animal companion for your home.

Hacks To Help You Maintain A Tidy Home

If it is your Juan Goal to keep your home neat and organized yet, spending an hour cleaning up is the last thing you want to do after a long day at work. Instead of trying to organize your home in one big chunk, try these helpful hacks for organizing small spaces throughout your house:

Use drawer inserts to keep your small items in place.

The best way to organize small items is by using drawer inserts. These can be made from plastic, wood, or even cardboard.

Disorganized underwear and wrinkled t-shirts can make drawers appear cluttered, but this does not have to be the case. You will save time and space by storing bras, pants, and socks in fabric organizers. This can come in handy when you’re rushing out the door in the morning; you’ll be able to view all of your underwear at a look.

Also, if you’re tired of sloppy and haphazard storage, kitchen drawer inserts are the answer.

Put labels on storage.

Labels are an easy way to make sure you can find what you need, and they’re less expensive than buying new storage items. You can label just about anything: clothing, books, medicine box, toys, toolboxes, condiments, and more! Labeling things will help keep your home tidy because it makes finding things easier when they’re in the right place at all times.

Cut down on junk mail.

The first step is to cut down on the junk mail you receive. Contact your bills payment to send your statement of accounts via email instead of credit cards, internet, phone, water, and even electricity!

Another way to reduce the amount of unwanted mail in your mailbox is by unsubscribing from magazines or other publications that aren’t relevant enough for you to read regularly. Most publications also have online versions where you can subscribe as well. 

Keep your desk organized.

The desk is a great place to start if you are working from home. A simple tray can help you stay organized by keeping pens, pencils, and other desk supplies in one place. A drawer divider will keep small items such as paper clips, push pins, and rubber bands in order on your desktop.

If you need extra storage space for files, try installing a paper sorter on the back of your door or wall cabinet–it’s an easy way to get paperwork off the floor! Finally, don’t forget about keeping yourself organized: keep a notepad handy so that when inspiration strikes while you’re working at your desk (or anywhere else), it doesn’t get lost before it’s written down.

Declutter your closet.

To declutter your closet, start by sorting clothes into piles. Keep the items that you love and wear regularly, and donate the rest. If you don’t wear something often enough to justify keeping it around, consider selling it online as a pre-loved item.

Once all of your clothes have been sorted, organize them by type (pants/skirts) and color within each hanging rack section in order to maximize space efficiency. It’s also helpful if each pair has its own spot so that when someone needs an outfit for work or school in the morning, they can just grab whatever looks good without having to rummage through piles trying to find something appropriate! 

Use multifunctional furniture.

If you’re looking to save on space, consider using furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a bookshelf can double as a dining table or desk when you need it to. To make your own multifunctional piece of furniture, just add multiple functions to an existing piece of furniture and then re-purpose it! 

If you want more storage space under the bed but don’t want any extra clutter, consider installing removable storage boxes under there instead! They’ll keep everything tidy while still allowing easy access when needed.

Make the most out of your floor space.

Did you know that there are several spaces in your home that could be put to better use?

  • Under the bed: Most people don’t think about this, but there’s a lot of free space under your bed that could be used for storage. You can store things like clothes, blankets, and pillows in bins or boxes underneath the mattress. This will make it easier for you when it comes time to clean up after guests leave or if someone needs a place to stay temporarily. Or it is summertime, and you need to remove jackets from your closet.
  • Under sofas: If you have room under an old couch or loveseat, consider using it as extra storage space for books–your living room won’t feel cluttered at all! Just make sure nothing gets dusty over time because dust bunnies are gross and hard work!

Develop a storage system for holiday decorations.

If you’re like most people, your home is filled with holiday decorations. Whether they are old and worn or brand new, it’s important to have them stored away in a safe place.

  • Use a storage system that allows you to easily see the contents of each box or bin. This will help ensure that when it comes time for Christmas or other holidays, everything is ready for use! If possible, store all of your decorations in one location so that they are easily accessible whenever needed.
  • Keep out of sight when not in use.

Choose locations where temperatures remain relatively stable year-round; it’s best not to risk damaging fragile items such as delicate glass bulbs and ornaments by storing them there!

Also, you must utilize simple storage solutions for your kids. Use storage containers to organize toys, costumes, books, and other items that are used occasionally.

Get your family involved in the process.

It’s important to get your family involved in the process of decluttering and organizing. They can help you declutter, organize, and maintain it.

Encourage them to help out by giving them tasks that are appropriate for their age and skills. For example, young children can be asked to sort toys into piles, and older children may be able to put clothes away in drawers or hang them up on hangers in their closets.

Make it fun by having a competition or challenge where everyone gets points based on how much they have contributed towards achieving your goals.

Teach kids the importance of organizing.

When you’re teaching your kids how to organize, it’s important that they understand the importance of being organized. They should also learn how to clean up after themselves and be proactive about organizing their belongings. Finally, teach them that responsibility for their belongings lies with each individual child.

Create an intentional organizing habit.

Organizing a home can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not used to doing it. To make sure that you don’t get discouraged or give up in the middle of your organizing project, create an intentional organizing habit.

Your plan should include the following:

  • Writing down goals for your home (I want my kitchen counters clear so I have space to work on cooking new recipes.)
  • Making a list of what needs to be done (I need to put away all my dishes and clean off my countertops) 
  • Planning time each day or week for working on this task will help ensure that it gets done consistently over time!

Declutter your space to declutter your mind.

Decluttering your home can be a time-consuming task, but it’s well worth the effort. Clutter can lead to stress, health problems, and bad habits. It also has an impact on relationships, grades, and even decision-making ability.

Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Start small. If you’re overwhelmed by how much stuff you have accumulated over the years or want to take on an entire room at once, try starting with one drawer or shelf at a time instead of tackling the whole house at once. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of tasks ahead of you, and it will be easier to see progress being made as you go along!
  • Don’t worry about perfectionism when decluttering – just get rid of things that don’t bring value into your life anymore! 

Take photos to document your progress.

Take photos, and this will serve as a journal of your progress, including what you’ve accomplished and how it made you feel. And don’t forget: keep rewarding yourself with treats after each completed task!

You should also keep a calendar of upcoming events in your home (like birthdays or holidays) so that you can plan ahead for them instead of scrambling at the last minute with no time left over for cleaning! 

The tips we’ve shared will help you get started with organizing your home. But the best part is that they can be applied to any space at any time. So whether you’re looking for some quick tips on how to get started or just want some inspiration for what’s possible when it comes to organizing your life, we hope this article has provided some helpful ideas!

How to Celebrate Single Awareness Day

Once Valentine’s Day is over, there are many singles out there who will also celebrate their single status. However, did you know that there’s a day specifically for singles? The 15th of February is Singles Awareness Day to celebrate being single. The day is also known for some as Anti-Valentine’s Day. So how are singles celebrating this year? Here are some fun, exciting, and creative ideas on How To Celebrate Singles Awareness Day.


Regarding self-care, there is no better way to celebrate yourself than by taking some time for yourself. There are many ways you can do this:

  • Get a massage or spa treatment. You deserve it!
  • Go for a walk in nature and enjoy the sights and sounds around you as they exist without people talking on their phones all around you (or at least try not to think about that).
  • Cook yourself a meal from scratch with ingredients that are good for your body–not just convenient or quick ones like frozen pizzas or microwaveable burritos. Eating well can make all the difference when it comes to feeling good about yourself and having energy throughout the day!

Practice Self-Love

The primary thing to remember is that you are not alone. You are a valuable person, and there are many others who feel the same way as you do. If you’re feeling down or lonely, try taking some time for yourself. Do what makes you happy! Remember that being single does not imply that there is something wrong with you.

Take care of yourself: eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly if possible. If possible, try going out with friends on Singles Awareness Day; this will help take away the focus from being single and make it easier for everyone involved since they’ll be too busy having fun together anyway! Or maybe even just hang out at home by yourself doing whatever makes sense for YOU right now–whether it’s binge-watching Netflix shows all day long or going out dancing or whatever works best for YOU.

Exchange gifts with single friends.

If you’re a single person and are looking for something to do on this day, why not exchange gifts with a friend who’s also single? It can be anything: a book, some flowers, or even just a cup of coffee. If you don’t know any other singles (or if they don’t want any gifts), then get creative! You could go out and buy something that reminds them of their favorite thing in the world–and maybe even put it in an envelope with their name on it!

Take a Solo Trip

Plan a solo vacation if you want to commemorate the day! Traveling alone can be fun, and it’s also a great way to meet people. You can learn more about yourself, explore new places, and try new things–all while relaxing.

When you travel by yourself, there’s no need for anyone else’s approval or input on where you go or what activities you do. This means that your time will be spent doing exactly what makes sense for YOU as an individual, not what makes sense for your partner or friends (who may have different interests than yours).

Get a gadget or phone upgrade.

If you’re anything like me, then you have a drawer full of old gadgets and phones that are just sitting there gathering dust. Why not take this opportunity to get some new gear?

  • Get a new phone or gadget.
  • Upgrade some parts of your computer.
  • Avail that camera you’ve been eyeing for a long time!
  • Get a smartwatch that matches your health and fitness goals!
  • If all else fails, go shopping for bags or clothes!

Throw a party with your single friends.

If you’re the type who likes to plan ahead, make sure to invite your friends in advance. Don’t forget to send out a reminder when the date approaches, so they don’t forget!

You’ll also want to make sure that your place is ready for guests on this special day. Have plenty of food and drinks available, along with some music if possible, especially if you are hosting an outdoor party. Finally, decide what activity everyone should do together during their time together: board games? Cards? Karaoke? The possibilities are endless!

Go for a long drive.

The best way to celebrate Singles Awareness Day is by going for a long drive. You can listen to music, see the sights and take a nap if you want! But it’s also an opportunity to think about your life and where it’s going.

Celebrate with friends or family.

The most important thing to remember when you’re celebrating Singles Awareness Day is that it’s not about being alone–it’s about being happy if you’re celebrating with friends or family. Great! If not, don’t worry! You can still have a great time on your own by spending some quality time with your pets or simply sitting in front of the TV.

No matter what kind of celebration you choose for yourself today, just remember that there are plenty of other people out there who feel exactly how you do: alone. But if we all work together as one big community and support each other through thick and thin, then maybe someday soon, we’ll finally find ourselves surrounded by love instead of loneliness.

Channel your energy into a workout.

In the spirit of celebrating your singlehood, channel your energy into a workout.

  • Go for a run or hike.
  • Join a gym and use their equipment to get fit.
  • A bike ride around your Lumina Homes community.
  • Swim laps at your local pool.

If you’re seeking something more enjoyable than simply working out and becoming exhausted, try one of these activities instead:

  • Take salsa lessons with friends! You’ll have so much fun dancing away any feelings of loneliness–and who knows? Maybe you’ll meet someone special while learning how to move on the dance floor.
  • Challenge your friends to a bowling game.
  • Learn ice skating with your co-workers!

Classes to Learn a New Skill

  • Take a cooking class. It’s likely that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen if you’re single. Why not take the opportunity to learn something new? Sign up for an introductory course at your local culinary school or community center–or even online!
  • Take a dance class. Whether it’s ballet, hip-hop, or salsa (or all three!), dancing can be an excellent way to meet people and have fun at the same time. Plus, there’s nothing like learning how to move your body with confidence in front of others who may be impressed by what they see–even if they aren’t necessarily interested in dating anyone from the class itself!
  • Study another language with friends who share similar interests as yours or make new ones along the way! This can be anything from Spanish classes, Japanese, or even Korean language to understand your bias and other 99+ oppas.

Give in to your cravings.

If you’ve felt like pizza and beer would be the perfect pairing for tonight’s dinner, then by all means, indulge! Don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t beat yourself up about it. And definitely don’t give yourself permission to eat something else instead just because you think that would be healthier or better for your body. It’s okay if you want ice cream- just do it!

The point of celebrating Singles Awareness Day is not to keep track of what we’re eating or how much we weigh; it’s about giving ourselves permission to enjoy life without worrying so much about what others think or what our bodies look like on the outside.

Personal Investments.

It’s time to invest in yourself.

As a single person, you have the freedom to make choices that would be impossible with a partner or family member by your side–and your future will thank you for it. You can spend money on personal development and education without anyone else questioning why they’re not getting a new car. You can also decide to purchase a house and lot and have a rental income out of it or have a vacation house or even plan out your retirement house.

You can also take care of your health without needing someone else’s permission first; if they want some kind of life insurance policy, they can get their own! You get the point: investing in oneself is an important part of growing up as an adult (or at least becoming financially responsible).

Single life is not something to be ashamed of, so celebrate it!

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate being single. For one thing, it’s not something to be ashamed of. And singles awareness day is an excellent opportunity to reflect on your life and everything that you have accomplished as an independent person in this world!

Single people have a lot to offer the world–they bring unique perspectives, talents, and passions with them wherever they go. They aren’t alone either: there are millions of other singles out there living their best lives! So go ahead and enjoy yourself on February 15th (or any other day) by doing whatever makes YOU happy!

So, if you are single, don’t feel bad about it! Instead, celebrate the fact that you are free from commitments and obligations. You can do whatever you want on this special day–and every day of the year! 

Creative Ideas for Valentine’s Day Celebration in the Workplace

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating with those you love, and your workplace is no exception. If you’re looking for ways to make your coworkers feel special on Valentine’s Day without breaking the budget, consider these ideas:

Host or order breakfast

If you’re hosting a breakfast for the office, ensure that there’s enough food for everyone. You don’t want your event to be oversubscribed and have some people go hungry because of it!

It’s important to keep things fun and festive when you’re planning an event, so don’t forget about the decorations. For example, balloons and streamers can help set a romantic mood in your office space. You might also include flowers or pictures of loved ones on display around the room—they add an extra layer of feeling!

Make sure there are healthy options available as well as sweet ones; after all, no one wants their coworkers to get sick from eating too many cookies or pastries! And don’t forget something savory either—people need protein after all that sugar has been processed into glucose by their bodies’ digestive systems! 

Share goody bags

A goody bag is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the workplace. They can be filled with candy and tokens or other small gifts that are perfect for sharing. Goody bags are also a great way to celebrate other occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Gift candy mason jars

Candy is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, but you can do so much more with it than just give it in the traditional box or bag. In fact, there are several other creative options that are sure to impress your coworkers and make them feel special.

These adorable jars are made from glass canning jars with pretty labels and a ribbon around the neck. They’re great for decorating and storing food as well as holding jewelry or other small items in an office setting!

Make charitable donations

If you’re feeling particularly charitable, consider donating to a worthy cause in the name of your loved one. It’s a nice to give back and express your gratitude for their friendship while also showing that you care enough about them to want to help out those in need.

If you aren’t sure what charity to support, try looking into your local animal shelter or rescue center. Most shelters are always in need of volunteers and donations — especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day — but they also tend to have less funding.

Play Valentine’s bingo with prizes

If you’re looking for a fun and thrilling way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, consider playing Valentine’s bingo. This is a game where participants get points every time they say something that relates to the holiday. Some examples include “be mine” and “love at first sight,” but there are many others! Whoever has collected the most points wins a prize like a box of chocolates or candy hearts, a gift card or voucher for your favorite restaurant or movie theater, or even a hotel staycation!

Offer meditation or yoga instruction.

Meditation and yoga are great stress relievers, which are especially important around the holidays. Both meditation and yoga can be done almost anywhere, and they’re both free! If you want to take your employees’ health into consideration as well, there are many benefits of practicing yoga or meditation. Yoga helps your body get in shape while also calming the mind—which will make it easier for them to sleep through the night after working late on Valentine’s Day!

Set up an Appreciation Bulletin Board

With the popularity of social media and online bulletin boards, it’s easy to share appreciation wherever you go. A bulletin board in your office can be used as a place to celebrate successes and achievements, recognize employees who have gone above and beyond, or even recognize employees who have made a difference in the lives of others.

When setting up your board, it’s important to make sure that everyone has access to post on it. If there is one person who manages all postings on the board, then they will become overwhelmed with requests from staff members wanting their own recognition shown on the board.

The best way around this issue is by having multiple people responsible for posting items on your appreciation bulletin board—this ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity for recognition and does not become solely dependent upon one person for this purpose.

Play “Name That Love Tune”

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, you can set up a game of Name That Love Tune. Have your employees bring in their favorite love songs and play them throughout the office! To make it more fun, award prizes to those who correctly guess the song titles. 

Send out Valentine’s ecards.

Send out Valentine’s ecards and include a personal message and a link to a fun or funny video to make them smile or have a good laugh!

Care package unboxing

If a care package is what you’re looking for, the best way to go about it is by sending one to your coworkers. Whether you choose to get something that’s relevant to your workplace or something that makes sense for the person receiving it, there are plenty of ways to make this present fun and thoughtful.

  • Include a note or card from the sender. This can be anything from a personalized card with an inside joke between you and them or just a short message letting them know how much they mean to you!
  • Include a small gift certificate or coupon. 
  • Put together some candy treats! You might want more than just one type of candy bar if there are multiple people who will receive your gift box; consider putting together different types individually wrapped, so each person gets their own selection without having any duplicates amongst themselves!

Surprise dinner delivery

You’ve got a few options here. You can either order a delicious meal and have it delivered to the office. Or, if you are working remotely, you can send food based on their relationship status. For example, if an employee is married and has kids, you might want to send a family meal so they can enjoy it together. If the employee is newlywed without kids, a bottle of wine can be the best! Or if they are currently renting and living alone, you can even send a Korean snack box or a samgyeopsal grill box!

If you choose to take on this task yourself, make sure that everyone who was involved in preparing the food gets their name on the card as well—they’ll be so touched by your generosity! If possible, have them put their picture underneath as well so that there’s no doubt about who made each dish. This will send a strong message about how much effort went into making sure everything was perfect for your loved one’s enjoyment!

Send out flowers with notes complimenting their work.

If you’re looking for a way to show your colleagues that you care, flowers are an excellent option. You can send them to show appreciation or simply say “thank you.”

Flowers are also a great option if your workplace has a policy that prohibits giving gifts during business hours. With flowers being delivered directly to the recipient’s desk, there is no need for awkwardness around receiving something personal in front of coworkers and managers who might not approve of the gift-giving practice at their company.

These are some of the ways and ideas on how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your coworkers. We hope that this list gives you some ideas for how to bring some love into the workplace on February 14th. Oh, and don’t forget: if you do decide to go with one of these options, or any other idea that comes into your head, make sure it’s something everyone will enjoy!

Easy Ways to Reduce Pet Dander in Your Home

If you love your pet and want to keep them in your home, then reducing the amount of pet dander is a must. Pet dander can trigger human allergies and even cause an asthma attack. It’s important to know that there are ways to eliminate pet dander from your home and still be able to enjoy having pets around!

Clean your floors daily.

The best way to clean your floors is to do it on a daily basis. Wipe them down with a damp mop or wet vac, then use microfiber cloths to pick up any remaining pet hair. For hardwood floors, you can use a squeegee (or even an old credit card) and for carpeting, consider using a steam cleaner i n conjunction with the above methods.

Let in the fresh air.

While you can’t completely eliminate pet dander, you can take steps to minimize it. Also, air out your house regularly by opening all the doors and windows along with turning on fans in each room. By doing this, you can also keep your house smelling fresh and clean.

If you have pets that are prone to shedding, it may be a good idea to invest in an air purifier or buy one of those fancy humidifiers that have a built-in filter as well.

Opt for hardwood or other easy-to-clean floorings.

A great way to reduce pet dander in your home is to choose the flooring that’s easy to clean. Hardwood floors are a good option, as they can be easily hosed down and refinished (if necessary). Vinyl and tile are also good choices for reducing pet dander; these materials can be easily washed off with water and soap or even scrubbed down with a little bleach.

Carpet doesn’t provide much practical benefit over other types of flooring, so it’s not recommended as the best choice if you want to reduce your pet’s shedding. Don’t forget about those hard-to-reach places on the edges of your room that may need some extra attention — and don’t forget about under furniture, too!

Choose furniture with easy-to-clean upholstery.

Upholstery refers to the fabric that covers furniture. You can choose from a variety of materials for your upholstery, such as cotton or polyester. It’s also possible to find furniture that is upholstered in natural materials like leather or wool.

If you’re looking for furniture with easy-to-clean upholstery, think about buying synthetic materials rather than natural ones like cotton or leather. Synthetic fabrics are easier to clean because they don’t absorb liquids and stains as much as other types of fabric do; this means it’s less likely that any spills will soak through your couch cushions and stain them permanently!

Upgrade your vacuum cleaner

Get a HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner. Invest in a HEPA filter, which will capture 99% of the allergens in your home.

Use HEPA air cleaners.

A HEPA air cleaner uses a special filter to trap fine particles of dust, pollen, mold spores and pet dander. It’s an extremely efficient type of filtration system that can remove 99% or more of these contaminants from the air.

The best time to use a HEPA air cleaner is at night when you’re sleeping, so your lungs have extra time to absorb the clean air into them while they’re resting. If you don’t want to run your machine all night long (especially if it’s noisy), try setting it on timer mode so it will automatically shut off after four hours or so.

There are lots of different types and brands available at many different price points, but one thing you want to look out for is efficiency ratings like MERV 12 or higher — this means that they’ll be able to catch even smaller particles like bacteria, mold spores and other allergens in addition to larger ones like dust mites and animal dander particles themselves.

Bathe and brush your pet regularly.

Bathing your furry friend is an important part of limiting dander in your home. Dogs with long hair should be bathed once per month; shorter-haired dogs and cats can go several weeks without needing a bath.

If you choose to wash your pet at home rather than take them to the groomer, make sure that you’re using the right shampoo. The shampoo used for people can be very drying and even cause skin irritation in animals whose pores are much more sensitive than ours. Instead, use a pet-specific product designed to cleanse their skin without stripping it of its natural oils and causing any pain or discomfort.

After applying the shampoo and gently massaging it into their fur, thoroughly rinse off all traces of soap before drying them off with a towel. Dog owners may want to invest in one large towel since many breeds require three or four times as much coverage as humans do when being towel dried after bath time! Once dry, brush out all tangles from their fur so that they’re ready for another walk outside—being able to run around freely will help keep allergens away from indoor spaces such as bedrooms where people spend most of their time!

Use these tips, and your home will be free of pet dander in no time.

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to reduce pet dander in your home and help keep it allergy-free. Just remember that it will take a few weeks before you start to see results, so don’t give up if they don’t seem to be working right away. Once the dander is gone, however, keep up the maintenance by following these steps on a regular basis:

  • Keep pets out of sensitive rooms like bedrooms and nurseries
  • Dust regularly with a damp cloth or vacuum weekly (or more often if necessary)

With these tips, you can create a cleaner home and reduce your family’s exposure to pet dander. It’s important to remember that these methods will not completely eliminate the allergens from your home, but they will help make things better for everyone in the family.

Fun Workout Routines for Couples That You Need to Try at Home

Side view of beautiful muscular woman running on treadmill.

While you might think that exercising with your significant other is better than dining out for Valentine’s Day, you came to the right article! How nice is it to achieve fitness goals together? Whether you are new to fitness or have been at it for years, these couple-inspired workouts will keep things fresh and exciting!

Reverse Lunge with Medicine Ball

You can do this exercise with a partner, and you just need a medicine ball, wall, chair and bench. If you’re working with a partner, they should stand behind you while holding the medicine ball in front of them at chest level. It is so nice to have a mini fitness gym at home, right?

Passing Sit-Up

This one is simple, but it can be a great workout for both of you. In a seated position, with your feet on the floor and knees bent, lift your legs off the floor and reach them toward one another in front of you. Then bring them back to where they started–but don’t let them touch! Repeat this movement for 30 seconds.

To make it more challenging: try reaching out further each time; add in some shoulder presses as well (lift arms up overhead as if doing chest flys). Or try doing as many reps as possible within 30 seconds–and then switch positions, so that person A becomes person B and vice versa. Place a bet or consequences for this exercise to keep each of you motivated and add some thrill!

Lying Leg Throw-Down

With your hands at your sides, lie on your back. Raise your right leg straight up in the air. Your partner will guide you to bring it down to the left side of your body. Repeat on the other side, keeping hips on the floor and not rotating them as you lower or raise each leg.

Elevated Push-ups and Squat Hold

Push-ups and squats are a great way to build strength with a partner. At home, this workout requires only a chair and some space. If you need more of a challenge, try it with a medicine ball instead of just holding hands.

You can also try this one at the park or other outdoor locations–just make sure that whatever surface you use is safe for elevated push-ups!

Side Plank Pass

The Side Plank Pass is a great dynamic way to make your core work more challenging. You’ll need two yoga mats (or towels or soft blankets) for this exercise, but it’s a simple and easy-to-follow move that doesn’t require much space at all.

The first step is to get into a plank position on one of the yoga mats with your feet together and hands directly under your shoulders. Form a straight line from your body, starting from the head down through the heels! Next, have your partner come over and take hold of one foot (you can switch sides if you want). They should then pull gently but firmly towards them until they feel resistance from your extended leg muscles–this will help work those glutes like never before.

Squat Hold & Dips

Squat Hold and Dips is a workout routine that will strengthen your lower body. The squat hold is similar to a regular squat, but you’ll hold the position for longer periods of time. That’s where the dip comes in–you’ll need sturdy support from your partner to prop yourself up while making a move.

The benefits of this exercise include improved balance and strength in your core muscles (especially those around your pelvis), as well as increased flexibility in your hips and knees. It also builds up stamina so that you can complete more difficult workouts later on!

If performed correctly, Squat Hold & Dips should take around 15-20 minutes per session; however, it can sometimes be hard for beginners who are unfamiliar with these types of moves, so make sure not to overdo it at first before progressing onto other exercises once comfortable enough with this one!


Suit yourself with acro yoga this Valentine’s Day! It is a form of partner yoga that uses the strength of your partner to help you hold poses. It’s a great way to get in shape, have fun with your partner and do it anywhere! Acroyoga is also known as “rope yoga” or “rope twirling.”

The practice involves one person standing on top of another person’s feet and using their hands to support themselves in various positions (like headstands). While acro yoga may look like fun for both partners, it requires practice so that both parties can stay balanced throughout their routine without falling over or injuring themselves.

Couples boxing

Boxing with your partner is a great way to burn calories and get a good workout. It’s also an excellent way to work on your balance, coordination, agility and self-defense skills. Plus, it’s fun to wash the stress away along with your fats while bonding with your loved one!

Cycling Around Your Community

If you’re looking for a K-drama-like way to explore your community, consider going on bike rides with your significant other. Remember typical scenes in the movie where they race with their bikes with picnic baskets in front? Isn’t it romantic? You can check out the local parks and trails or go for a bike ride. Or even stroll around your subdivision community and stop by the open spaces. You will surely love getting some fresh air!

Go for a Walk

There’s nothing like going for a walk to get you and your partner in the mood for some fun. Walking is an easy way to stay active, so it doesn’t take much time out of your day. You can do it at any time of the day and almost anywhere–in the park, along the beach or even through your neighborhood! And because it’s so versatile, walking with a partner can be just as rewarding as doing it alone:

  • If you want company during your workout but don’t want anyone around while exercising (or just prefer solitude), then walking is perfect because there isn’t any equipment involved.
  • If one person prefers going out at night while another would rather exercise during daylight hours, then this is also possible with walking since there are no restrictions on when or where they should go–they’re free to roam around wherever they please!
  • Even though this activity requires only minimal effort from us physically speaking (and therefore doesn’t require special equipment), we still get plenty out of our sessions because we enjoy being outside amongst nature; plus, there are plenty of ways people can make their routines more challenging if desired – whether through speed workouts or intervals between fast-paced bursts at normal paces.

These workouts can be fun to do at home with your significant other that doesn’t require much equipment–and they’ll leave you feeling energized and strong!

The best part about these routines is that they can be done together in the comfort of your own living room or within the community. You will not need fancy equipment, a large gym at home or even a gym membership. All you need is some creativity and imagination! Or a safe and secure community like Lumina Homes, where you can work out in the spacious open spaces and functional amenities! 

Juan Goals: Collect All These Useful Tools That Every Homeowner Should Own

There’s a common misconception that homeowners don’t need tools. After all, if something breaks or needs to be fixed, you can call a professional! While it’s true that some projects are easier (and often cheaper) to take care of yourself than hire out, there are still plenty of jobs where it just makes sense to hire someone else. Here are some essential tools every homeowner should own:


A hammer is a helpful tool for any homeowner. You can use it to drive nails, stake in wood or stone, chip away at brick and concrete, and break up a brick.

Tape measure

A tape measure is a handy tool for any homeowner to have on hand. It’s used to measure length and distance, area, volume, and angles. As such, every home improvement project that you tackle should require the use of a tape measure.

As mentioned above, this is one of those tools that can be used for nearly everything in your home repair arsenal, especially when preparing for furniture shopping for your home.


isolated pair of yellow plier

Pliers are a must-have for any homeowner who does their own plumbing and electrical work. They can grip, twist, cut, and bend wires. They can also be used to hold nuts or bolts while you tighten them with a wrench.

Tongue and groove pliers

Tongue and groove pliers are versatile tools that can hold and bend wires, strip nuts and bolts, or hold small items. 

4-in-1 screwdriver

A 4-in-1 screwdriver is another handy tool for every homeowner to have. This four-in-one tool can handle all your screw needs, from small screws to large bolts and tight spaces. It’s a thoughtful gift for anyone who likes to do home repairs or remodeling projects.

Socket wrench set


You can use a socket wrench set to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts. It’s also helpful in removing broken bolts and screws. The most common type of socket wrench set is the ratchet, which features sockets that fit over the end of a handle, allowing you to turn them with varying amounts of force quickly.


A level is a valuable tool for making sure things are straight. You can use a bubble level, which has a bubble that indicates whether something is level, or you might have a laser level, which uses lasers to show whether something is level. Leveling walls and other surfaces are one of the most common uses for this tool.

If you want to find out if something is even or if it’s leaning over at all, then the trick is to place one end of your level on the surface you want to check and then put the other end on another surface far away from it (like another wall). If they line up perfectly with each other, they’re even; but if not, there will be some gap between them that tells you how much off-kilter everything is.


A flashlight is a must-have for every homeowner. A high-quality flashlight should have multiple settings, including a high and low beam. It’s also essential to look for one with a durable exterior that doesn’t break easily and one that’s easy to use in an emergency situation, such as when you need to find your way out of the house after a power outage or if you encounter an intruder in the night.

Nails and screws

Nails and screws are used to fasten wood, metal, or plastic materials. Nails and screws come in various sizes, but both have a head on one end that is used to hammer them into material with a hammer or nail gun. Once they’re in place, the other ends can be fastened tightly together by driving them through holes drilled in the material being attached. The type of nail or screw depends on what you’re connecting—for example, if your project involves wood boards, then you would use nails; if it involves metal sheets, then you would use screws.

Utility knife

A utility knife is a multipurpose tool with many uses around the home, including cutting drywall and carpet, opening boxes, scoring and breaking glass, and scraping paint or other coatings. The blade on a utility knife is short but long enough to make clean cuts in most materials. There are two types of blades available: snap-off blades and retractable blades. Snap-off blades can be replaced when they become dull; retractable ones are disposable when they get worn down.


A multi-tool is an incredibly useful device. It can be used to cut, saw, and screw whatever you need. Multi-tools are great for around the house, camping, and even hunting and fishing.

Duct tape

Duct tape is one of the most useful tools in any homeowner’s arsenal. This versatile tool can be used for a variety of tasks, from fixing leaks to repairing small holes in walls or furniture. It’s also great for creating a quick fix for running shoes.

Cordless drill

A cordless drill can be used to drive screws, drill holes, and more. It can also be used in tight spaces that are hard to reach. You can use it with various attachments, from sanding discs to impact driving bits and everything in between. You can use a cordless drill for small or large projects—from DIY work around the house to professional construction jobs.

Stud finder

A stud finder is a tool that uses vibration to identify where walls, floors, and ceilings are located in your home. This makes it easy to screw into a wall instead of through one.

A stud finder has two main parts: a handle and a wide metal plate with an arrowhead attached to the end of it. The handle is used for turning on and off the device, while the metal plate will vibrate when it comes into contact with drywall or wood.

Lubricating oil

When it comes to tools, lubricating oil is one that you should definitely have in your toolkit. The lubricating oil can be used for a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Lubricating tools and machinery
  • Lubricating the gears of a bike
  • Lubricating the hinges of a door
  • Lubricating the wheels of a car

Allen wrench set

An Allen wrench set is one of the most valuable tools you can have at home. These wrenches, which look like L-shaped hex keys, are used to tighten and loosen screws, bolts, nuts, and other fasteners. They come in a variety of sizes for different-sized bolt heads.

You can use an Allen wrench to assemble furniture or build projects from scratch. You can also use it to repair household items that need attention around your house—from bicycles to televisions and more!

Extension cord

Extension cords are a must-have for any homeowner. You need an extension cord if you have power tools that aren’t near an outlet. For example, if you have a tool shed in your backyard that doesn’t have access to electricity, then an extension cord will allow you to power up.


A toolbox is a container for tools. It’s usually made of steel or plastic, depending on the amount and type of tools you want to store in it. Some have wheels, others have handles, and some are small enough to hold in your hand, while others can be large enough to fit on the back of a pickup truck. If you don’t already have one for yourself, use this as an excuse to go out and buy one! Being organized at home will always be a plus pogi point as a husband, right? 

These tools will help you take on any home project.

Whether you’re a homeowner or not, these tools will help you take on any home project. They’re helpful for fixing things around the house, doing home improvement projects, doing home repair projects, and so much more!

If you’re going to be a new Lumina homeowner, you need to be prepared. And these tools are going to help. While it may look like a lot of stuff (and it is!), each tool will make life easier for you in its way.

The important thing is learning how to use them properly and safely so they don’t cause any damage, and keeping them clean, so they last longer than just one project!

How To Celebrate Christmas Merrily Even If You’re Far Away From Family

Photo grabbed from: The Filipino Times

If you’re one of the many Filipino OFWs who had to leave and work abroad, then you know that Christmas isn’t quite like it used to be. It’s not as special, either. But there are ways in which Filipinos overseas can still have a wonderful Christmas—and these are some tips on how I did it:

Call your family in the Philippines.

If you are an expat, then you might be away from your family during Christmas. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot be part of their Christmas celebration. You can still feel the spirit of the season by calling them and telling them about the gifts that you are sending them. You may also ask them about their Christmas plans, how they are feeling about your absence and what they want for Christmas.

You can have a phone conversation with your loved ones in the Philippines by making use of internet services or even Facebook Messenger if one person has access to a computer or laptop while another has only a mobile device that supports video chat functions. Thanks to technology nowadays. It allows users from different parts of the world to connect with each other through video calls without having to spend money on long-distance calling services because these services do not require any phone line connection at all!

Spend time with fellow OFWs.

Pasko sa Pinas hits differently, but why not take some time off and join Pinoy gatherings? Being away from your family and friends will not stop you from starting friendships.

So if you’re sick of your own company this Christmas, why not find a few Filipino OFWs in your area? A simple trip to the mall or movie theater will help bring some much-needed holiday spirit into your life. 

You can also try going out for dinner and drinks at one of the many Filipino restaurants overseas. Take turns paying for everyone’s meal, so no one feels guilty about splurging on themselves, then split up the bill afterward so everyone pays their fair share. If there’s no Filipino restaurant nearby (or if all their menus are in another language), there’s always Mcdonald’s! Ordering something familiar will help take away any homesickness you may be feeling right now.

Send gifts to your loved ones.

Have you ever wondered what Filipinos overseas do when they want to send gifts to their loved ones back home? Well, there are a lot of options!

From what I know, the most popular ways are:

  • Buying gifts for family and friends. Whether you’re shopping in person at a store or online, buying gifts is an easy way for Filipinos abroad to show their love for those who can’t come over this Christmas.
  • Sending gifts through the mail. If you want to send small items like letters, postcards, and photos (that don’t require any special packaging), then sending them through regular mail should work just fine! Just be sure not to forget about postage costs if it’s going from one country back into another territory before reaching its destination.
  • Using courier services like FedEx/DHL/UPS this method is useful if there’s no time left before Christmas Eve; however, be careful when choosing which provider because some only offer door-to-door shipping while others won’t deliver packages unless they’re picked up within 24 hours after being shipped.

Treat yourself

There are many ways to treat yourself this Christmas. You can do something nice for yourself or spend time with friends and family. Why not take a vacation? Or do something you have always wanted to do? Buy yourself something nice! You deserve it! Cheers!

Invest in a real estate property

A smart way is investing in real estate. Gifting yourself is a good way to create a passive income because why not? If you plan to buy real estate, now is the time to make your move. Pro tip: check affordable house and lot for sale here!

Once you have bought your first piece of property and earned from it, your next step is to invest in more properties that will provide additional cash flow for you. Property investments are a good way to diversify your portfolio – not only do they bring in income, but they also keep increasing in value over time which means that if there’s ever an emergency situation where you need money fast, selling off one of your properties will give you instant liquidity without having to sell any other asset like stocks or bonds.

Real estate also gives Filipinos overseas an opportunity to earn while they sleep – just wake up every morning or evening (depending on what time zone you live in) and check if anything interesting has happened with regard to the property market (like infrastructure or new developments being built nearby). Suppose there’s anything exciting coming up within walking distance from where we live, then maybe you should consider buying another unit there too!

Avail insurance policies

There are several insurance policies you can avail of as an OFW. The two most common ones are health and life. The former covers hospitalization and medication, while the latter pays for your funeral expenses should you die abroad. 

If you want to lessen your worries and be sure your family will be taken care of in case anything happens to you overseas, then consider getting accidental death or dismemberment (AD&D) coverage which will give them some financial assistance in case something happens to one of its members while they’re abroad.

If ever there is a fire at home, personal belongings like clothes, electronics, furniture, and appliances will all be lost if not insured beforehand! Property insurance helps cover property losses due to fire or other natural disasters. Also, get homeowners insurance which provides protection against damage done by third parties (like thieves).

Open savings account

It’s inevitable that Filipinos overseas will be sending money to families in the Philippines. But with the prevalence of remittance centers, why do Filipinos still have to go through a bank or any financial institution to send money?

Opening up an online savings account is one way for people like him who live abroad but have loved ones back home can save on bank fees by getting better rates at the same time. So what can you do? One option would be opening an online savings account which does not require you to go into any branch or office; instead, you simply do everything online from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection available (which is practically everywhere nowadays).

There is a way of having a wonderful and meaningful Christmas, even if you are away from your home country.

There is a way of having a wonderful and meaningful Christmas, even if you are away from your home country.

You can do this by calling your family, spending time with fellow OFWs, sending gifts to your loved ones, treating yourself, investing in a real estate property, availing insurance policies, and opening a savings account.

  • Calling your family directly or through the internet is a way of having meaningful Christmas with them. This way, you can share stories about what’s happening in both parties’ lives; exchange gift ideas; talk about future plans, and be reminded that no matter what the distance is, as long as there is love between you, then everything will work out fine.
  • Spending time with other Filipinos who share the same aspiration, like going home for Christmas, should also be part of your plan.
  • Sending gifts via snail mail makes it more special because most people nowadays have given up on this tradition because it takes time before receiving them, but if ever available, then this could help boost morale among those who still believe in such things.
  • Treating yourself during this special season will make it memorable because, after all being away from our loved ones also means we need some form of comfort every now and then when things get hard.
  • Investing in real estate property while working abroad is another way to save money so that when we return back home, our dream house will already exist.
  • Opening a savings account overseas allows us not only to save money but also earn interest which may go towards building our dream home someday here at home or just any investment project made possible by good fortune.

If you’re an OFW, Juan Goals’ hope that this article was helpful to you! Please remember that even though you may be miles away from home, it doesn’t mean that your Christmas should be any less wonderful than those who are in their own countries. And if there’s one thing we know about Filipinos, it’s how strong our family ties are. After all – nothing beats being surrounded by loved ones during this special season!