As Jack Ma says:

“If you put bananas and money in front of monkeys, monkeys will choose bananas because monkeys do not know that money can buy a lot of bananas.”


Same with selling, people tend to underestimate real estate sellers because of not fix income and employment but they don’t see the huge difference in terms of time and income.




In real estate you are the BOSS of your own time and income is not limited by employer. As our agents says “in selling sky is the limit, you are not define by your education but by your skills, ability, confidence and dreams.”




Our training (Business Opportunity Sales Seminar) provides knowledge about our product.



 In Lumina we are not only teaching the agents to sell but also to inspire people to build their  dreams with their family with house that can provide safety and security.

We teach them to have a heart, determination and moulding them to be an agent whom can be proud in their job and can sustain their families needs and wants. We trained them to be a MILLIONAIRE and push them to attain all their dreams for them and their family. So, ano pa ang hinihintay mo grab that Juan in million chances and be accredited ka-baranngay!!!!




Yes, it seems impossible but in Lumina we don’t want anybody to be left behind but instead we treated every sellers like a family. An instant Tito’s and Tita, Ate and Kuya, we don’t treat them like others, because for us, they are part of our family.




Trainings after trainings, knowledge after knowledge,  and by the end of year and we are proud to see every Juan walking in the stage of success claiming their award with a huge smile and confident being JUAN IN AMILLION SELLERS who dream to be a millionaire and uplift their family in a mud of poverty.




Want more info? Lumina always give homeowners a free site tripping inside their subdivision! Tara na sa Brgy. Lumina! Get in touch with us!

Lumina Pampanga, Lumina Tarlac, Lumina Cabanatuan,

Bataan, Lumina San Jose, Pangasinan

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