Give Love on Christmas Day

What the world needs is love. We always hear that Christmas is a season of giving and sharing. Every year over the holiday season, we take the time to refuel and reconnect with people closest to us by doing simple acts of kindness and generosity such as sharing meals, spending time with good friends, as well as giving a greater gift to each other in the hopes that we could bring happiness and that holiday spirit to everyone.

If you are wondering where the belief in this warm spirit of Christmas came from along with the idea of giving love on Christmas day, it’s important to know the history and traditions of Christmas in order to appreciate why it’s a season of giving. Christmas is a season of giving because it serves as a reminder of the birth of Jesus, the reason for the season. In the Bible, it’s clear that Jesus was the recipient of Frankincense, Gold, and Myrrh as presents. Each of these presents has a deeper significance, and that doesn’t even include the primary gift. In good truth, Christians often refer to Jesus as God’s greater gift to the world.

From this idea, the Christmas present bringer was born. Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, and many more titles are given to him all over the globe. In Italy, the presents are delivered by an elderly lady, but in Spain, it is the Wise Men themselves. No matter what they are called or how each country represents them, they all send smiles, happiness, and a time to be kind aside from just presents or goodies.

We can also give and share our blessings to people around us, whether it would be in the form of gifts or assistance, all of these mean a lot to each and every one of us in this time of year especially this pandemic season.

Want to know how can you contribute to this Season of the year when the world’s full of Christmas joy? Let’s make a guide from one of the famous songs from Jackson 5.

How to give love on Christmas Day?

1. People making lists buying special gifts. (Song Lyrics from Give love on Christmas Day)

People making lists is the most common activity that every person in the world does during Christmas day. Thanks to your list, you’ll be able to save money by purchasing just presents that you’ll need throughout the current season. In addition, by making your Christmas day list early, you’ll have more time to budget how much money you’ll spend on good friends you’re planning to buy a present for. This somehow rhymes with the saying, that what the world needs is love.

You might wish you could give more this Christmas Day by making lists buying special gifts. Although it is said that this is the time of year when the world’s more love, these special gifts don’t need to be pricey or grand. You can make your gift to someone extra special if you connect them with the person’s hobbies or things that they love. Also, personalizing them is another way to make them remarkable.

2. Time to be kind. (Song Lyrics from Give love on Christmas Day)

When we think about kindness, we usually think first about giving a helping hand or some kind of assistance to others, even to people you don’t know. Basically, you wish you could give service or show more love to others. But do you know that kindness starts with yourself?

In these trying times and with the pandemic still on, let’s admit that there are moments when we neglect taking good care of ourselves particularly on the part of our front liners. They spend a lot of time at the hospital taking good care of the sick patients that sometimes, they already forget to take a breath and give more love to themselves. This Christmas, let’s give them a break and help them to celebrate the air of Christmas joy with their loved ones.

3.   Smile and nod hello. (Song Lyrics from Give love on Christmas Day)

The song Give Love on Christmas Day tells us that everywhere there’s an air of Christmas joy. This can be made possible this holiday season by keeping a smile on our face no matter how tough our day is. Also making a nod or saying hello to random people can make other people happy, too. Remember that it’s not always about expensive gifts or grand things that make people happy. Sometimes, a simple gesture like a smile and hello can make their day or even week better.

4.    The world’s sincere. (Song Lyrics from Give love on Christmas Day)

They say that the world’s sincere during the Christmas season. But how can you show your sincerity in this world when you are mostly stuck at home or can’t travel out of the country? The answer to this is pretty simple. You can let the world feel about your sincerity by taking care of the environment.

When humans burn fossil fuels, they emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases are what’s causing Earth’s average surface temperature to rise at an exceptionally high rate during the last century. Unless all the people and nations in the world unite to protect the environment and the Earth, temperatures will still rise much higher according to the experts.

There are a lot of things you can do to show your sincerity for the world even you are at home. One of which is by conserving electricity. When you leave a room or aren’t using anything, be sure to turn off the lights, fans, and air conditioner. Use natural light whenever possible and avoid using artificial lighting throughout the day. When you’re not using an electrical appliance, unplug it. It also saves you money on your power bill aside from being good for the environment.

Another way is by using cloth or jute bags. When you go shopping, don’t bring plastic or paper bags with you since plastic pollutes the environment and decomposes over an average of 450 years. Keep an eco-friendly jute bag in your shopping cart at all times. Unlike other synthetic fibers, jute is biodegradable, meaning it will decompose on its own without adding to pollutants in the environment.

Remember, we only have one Earth in this universe, so make sure to take good care of it.

5.   There’s someone who cares. (Song Lyrics from Give love on Christmas Day)

The true spirit of Christmas is love and no greater gift is there than it. Fortunately, you can let your love be felt and show the things that you can genuinely do to be kind to one close to you.

There are a lot of ways on how to show your care to other people especially in this time of the pandemic. One of which is by donating to a community pantry nearest you. Many people suffer from hunger and unemployment ever since the COVID-19 virus seized our country last year. Giving the extras that you have at home, no matter how small will definitely come a long way for those in need.

gift giving women friends

Still, there are other ways to show someone you care this time of year. Whatever you can do to love on Christmas day, no matter how greater gift or little, remember that what the world needs is love. Also, keep in mind that love is a state of being. As a result, you should always put yourself first and show yourself some greater gift of love. It’s easier to have that “everywhere there’s an air of Christmas joy” feeling when we are kind to one another.


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